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Grey's Anatomy recap: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

A non-fraternization policy puts the couples under a microscope, but doesn’t quite stop anything

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Greys Anatomy Recap
Eric McCandless/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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Now that was more like it! After last week’s episode, I was a little worried that I was getting too fed up with the vast majority of Grey’s story lines. Other than Jackson and April, just about everyone seemed to be annoying me. But I was pleasantly surprised by what just happened. There was sex, there were great music moments, there was humor, and then there was more sex. Hey, I’m an easy viewer, what can I say? But in all seriousness, this episode felt less rushed and a lot more like the Grey’s I know and love (though I’m still missing my elevator scenes and walkway shots). Let’s dive in!

We started with a Jolex sex scene, which played during a voiceover about cancer. For the first time that I can remember, the voiceover caught me completely off guard. It did not fit in at all with what was happening in Alex’s bedroom, and the only purpose it served was making me terrified that either Alex or Jo had cancer. Don’t worry, I was wrong.

We then caught up with Owen and Emma, who were also getting a little hot and bothered in his (but really Derek’s) airstream. Did I miss something here, because I did not know that they were still together, much less to the point where he knows that she hates camping and they decide to buy a bigger place together. At this point, I was thinking maybe she had cancer. Again, I was wrong with the cancer talk.

Over at the dream house, Derek was trying to pick a tie to wear to meet the president. Blue was a no-go according to Meredith, who didn’t want her husband to be too handsome with his piercing blue eyes. Wait, was she being supportive? Well, to be fair, she did want¬†neurosurgeon Dr. Shepherd to get the job, just not her husband Dr. Shepherd, so she was 50 percent supportive. It was complicated, and so is she. We also learned that the happy couple hadn’t had sex in three weeks, which was only part of Derek’s punishment. How she resists that hair, I have no idea.

In their own dream house, Callie and Arizona were unpacking when Callie gave her wife a beautiful ring. She’s had it inscribed with the date they moved in, to symbolize their new start. Yep, I’m worried they’re trying too hard.

At work, Owen alerted the staff of the new non-fraternization clause. All relationships with coworkers are discouraged, and relationships between superiors and subordinates are prohibited. Hasn’t anyone ever told these people that you always want what you can’t have? All this was doing was somehow managing to increase the sexual tension in this place. Just when I thought I’d seen it all. The best response to this whole thing? Webber asking Hunt, “You’re the panty police, now?” Richard always has been and always will be the best. Also, the panty police might not be a bad idea. Remember this?

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