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Into The Badlands premiere recap: The Fort

Bones crack and necks snap as Sunny kills for his Baron and protects a young boy with a secret.

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Patti Perret/AMC

Into the Badlands

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If you were unsure what type of show AMC’s Into The Badlands was going to be, the first few minutes of the season premiere, “The Fort,” make sure there’s no mistaking what this show is: a ludicrous, fun, silly, violent marital arts drama that boasts the DNA of The Matrix and The Hunger Games. While the opening exposition is a little convenient, setting up everything we need to know right off the bat — society as we know it is dead, it’s now run by seven Barons using a feudal system, and there are no guns — the opening action is what counts.

Because really, Into The Badlands has no pretense about what it is. It’s a martial arts show, for better and worse. “The Fort” opens on Sunny, a Clipper (essentially, an assassin who kills for his Baron), riding his motorcycle on a dusty road that winds through bright red poppy fields. As he rides, he comes upon an overturned truck and a number of dead bodies, all tied at the wrist and chained at the ankle.

Except there’s one shackle that’s open, one survivor who seems to have escaped. Using a spyglass he spots smoke in the distance. Hopping back on his motorcycle, Sunny finds his way to a camp of Nomads whom he believes raided the truck and took what was inside. Sunny doesn’t really care what’s inside, but the truck belongs to his Baron, so, as he informs the Nomads, he’s going to have to take it back.

Thus, we get our first martial arts fight scene, and it’s pretty glorious. There’s a lot of bone snapping and wire-fu, with bad guys flying through the air after a single punch or kick from Sunny. He also pulls a guys legs behind his back and plants his ankles near his ears, creating a human shaped like the number zero. Oh, and he flips the main bad guy onto a spike after busting his jaw. Note: Sunny is a badass.

When he examines the trunk they stole he finds a teenage boy inside by the name of M.K. After hesitantly introducing himself, the boy tells Sunny that the Nomads were hired by The Widow, another Baron, to hunt down and capture M.K. Sunny, after burying all the bodies, takes M.K. back to his own Baron.

Back at Sunny’s home base — a giant, gated section of land run by a Baron named Quinn — he gives M.K. the lay of the land. He shows him where the young recruits train to become Clippers. After seeing the brutal sights, M.K. is loaded in with the rest of the recruits and Quinn shows up to welcome them all. Quinn is quite the character, with a villainous moustache and an oversized Southern accent. He’s basically a stereotypical plantation owner, which seems to be the vibe actor Marton Csokas is going for.

That introduction includes some kind words for Sunny, who it’s clear has been with the Baron since he was a child and molded into a killing machine. If that wasn’t clear just from the words being spoken, Quinn orders Sunny to take off his shirt. On his back are long black stripe tattoos, each one representing a life he’s taken.

Back in the yard, there’s a clear pecking order to the recruits. A typical bully named Ajax attacks M.K., but they don’t get to throw too many punches before Sunny steps in. The fight is caused by Ajax taking a medallion from around M.K.’s neck. It clearly means a lot to M.K., and when Sunny takes it for safekeeping, he sees the emblem of a city imprinted on it. Recognition flashes through his eyes. What could this city be? And what does it mean to Sunny and M.K.?

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