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Idiotsitter premiere recap: Pilot

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Araya Diaz/Comedy Central


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[This post contains details from the Idiotsitter episode that aired Jan. 14]

Jillian Bell made her name playing a sweetly uncomfortable employee on Comedy Central’s Workaholics, a show about three hard-partying slackers (Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and Adam DeVine). And now, she’s one herself on fellow Comedy Central show Idiotsitter, where she stars as a, well, hard-partying slacker. The difference between her and the Workaholics trio, though, is that she has money to spend — tons of it.

Idiotsitter follows Billie (Charlotte Newhouse), a self-described academic who takes a gig babysitting a fully grown woman, Gene (Bell), in exchange for a handsome stack of cash from Gene’s super-wealthy parents. At first glance, the show subscribes to a classic (and overused) odd couple premise, but it quickly morphs into something stranger and sillier. The fact that Billie is an authority figure — or at least is supposed to be an authority figure — to Gene helps push the dynamic into intriguing territory, more so than if they were just two roommates simply living together. After all, how do you babysit someone your own age who has relied on her careless, rich parents to get her through life?

That’s a question Billie struggles to answer in the laugh-out-loud premiere, where Gene’s parents surprise their new hire by jetting off to Japan for a weeks-long vacation. Once they leave, Billie attempts to show the hyper Gene a calmer lifestyle by suggesting they have a few friends over for a movie, but Gene — who, by the way, is stuck home on house arrest — instead chooses to throw a full-out rager. 

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Billie is predictably upset about the party — that is, before she eventually leans (read: is forced) into the debauchery. At first, this party seems the stuff underage kids’ dreams are made of: Shots! Weed! People romantically declaring, “We’re gonna live forever!” It’s all fairly typical (well, aside from the whole “Black Eyed Peas!” chant Gene leads at one point), which makes one of the episode’s later gags all the better: The camera finds Billie shamelessly dancing as some throbbing music plays in the background — and then the music cuts out, and Billie is left sloppily flopping around on her own and knocking over plastic cups in the process. See, kids, being wasted off your ass isn’t as glamorous as it looks!

Despite looking like a complete (and hilarious) fool, Billie has a good time until a roofie — which, as it turns out, was cut with a much more lethal horse tranquilizer — knocks her out and leaves her in a coma for a couple days. Gene’s honest about what happened once an understandably disoriented Billie wakes up and then naively tries to ease the tension a bit: “Angelina Jolie killed Brad Pitt,” she tells Billie. “Psych! He’s still alive. My dad always said to say something crazy at the end of bad news to soften the blow.” Maybe don’t try this one at home, readers.

Even after Billie awakes from her drug-induced slumber, Gene and Billie share quick bursts of bonding — like when Billie lets her guard down for a few seconds so they can gush about Dirty Dancing‘s “amazing dance-sex,” as Gene calls it —  that show that they might not be as different as they appear. But even if they remain total opposites, that’s okay, too: Bell is delightfully ridiculous as the oblivious, boundary-free Gene, and Newhouse proves that playing straight doesn’t have to mean being boring. In other words, Idiotsitter is a joy to watch — no payment required.

Watch Idiotsitter when it airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central. 

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