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I Am Cait recap: Take Pride

Caitlyn embraces the ‘we.’

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I Am Cait

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At the start of this week’s I Am Cait, Jen and Candis call Caitlyn from Trans Pride L.A., which they estimate has hit record attendance this year. “Any Team Caitlyn T-shirts?” Caitlyn asks. There are none to be seen.

“Your 15 minutes is over,” Jen jokes.

But of course, the cameras are still rolling. It’s been just over two months since that phone call, and the conversation has only just now found its way to our TV screens, because Caitlyn Jenner gets more than 15 minutes. She’s not interested in being a flash in the pan; she’s interested in using her platform to make a difference—even as she’s the kind of celebrity who expects to find her name on a T-shirt. This is the tension inherent in I Am Cait, not to mention in Caitlyn’s own life. As one Trans Pride L.A. attendee points out, “99.9 percent of trans people are not having the same experience as Caitlyn Jenner.” Most people don’t get T-shirts. What’s her responsibility as one of the few who do?

Your regular recapper Melissa is unavailable tonight, but rest assured that her 15 minutes are far from over. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to walk through this episode with you. For all of its real talk, this is a largely celebratory hour, especially since so much of it falls just after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of marriage equality. Caitlyn calls it a “good step in the right direction,” even though she estimates that “the trans issue is still probably about 20 years behind.”

She’s experiencing that on a personal level. This week, Caitlyn is ready to reach out to some of her straight male friends, which she knows will be its own challenge. Scott Disick comes first, and he takes it pretty well. “Anybody who’s worth being in your life will understand and will work at the relationship,” he encourages. But it’s work for him, too; he admits that this is going to take some getting used to, and he sticks to jokes as a coping mechanism. When Caitlyn says that a weight has been lifted from her chest, Scott replies, “Well, it looks like you got some more weight put on your chest.” Then he high-fives his Barney Stinson shoulder angel as I sigh with every muscle of my body.

Caitlyn’s longtime friend Sergio is having a harder time. She calls Sergio to arrange a meet-up and is delighted to know that he’s already changed her name in his phone, but he never shows. She fiddles with her RC helicopters and paces to the door of the garage in anticipation; this is a big deal for her, and it’s hard to watch her accept that her friend isn’t just running late.

But Caitlyn handles the situation with grace—rather than call out Sergio for standing her up, she just makes a phone call about one of her helicopters, then drives to the hobby shop to meet him on his turf. Sergio looks a little uncomfortable, but he tells her that what matters is her happiness, and Caitlyn leaves satisfied. As she’s said before, she believes the first meeting is the hardest; once people have seen her, they realize that she’s the same person.

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