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Humans finale recap: Episode 8

The Hawkins family must come together to save the synths.

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Gary Moyes/Kudos/AMC/C4


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Eva-Jane Willis, Emily Berrington, Gemma Chan
Drama, Sci-fi

Last week’s episode of Humans left us all hanging, wondering what would happen to the synths now that Hobb had caught up with them. He had them all arrested, and the Hawkins family was clearly in collusion. What would happen to them?

It’s a cliffhanger that tonight’s season finale resolved rather quickly, as the Hawkins’ and the synths are reunited before too long. Before that happens though, the synths need to escape the lab where Hobb has them secured, prepared to run tests on them the same way that he did on Fred.

Hobb’s plan is to delete all the “dangerous” stuff from their source code and create conscious but obedient synths. As Fred later says, when he’s confronted with Hobb’s horrific plan, “you’ll give us consciousness, but take away our free will.” That sounds a lot like slavery, and Fred mentions that, too. The first season of Humans, and much science fiction about robots coming to life, draws a connection to contemporary issues like race and class relations, but this is the most explicit the show’s been in that thematic area so far.

While strapped to a number of tables in the lab, the synths, led by half-human Leo, attempt to link up and run the program that David Elster put in their code. They’re doing it in order to save Max, but it proves unsuccessful. They need Karen, and it’s clear she wants no part of it.

As Hobb’s larger plan comes into focus though, Karen begins to have a change of heart. She overhears Hobb telling Leo how he’s going to run experiments on him because he can’t very well destroy him like he will the other synths. After all, Leo is at least partially alive.

When Karen visits Leo in his holding cell he appeals to her humanity, hoping that something inside her can change. “Humanity is not a state. It’s a quality,” he says before telling Karen that Max, who’s a machine, has more humanity than anyone he’s ever met. He’s telling Karen that they are more than just a mistake and that living their own lives is possible.

Karen isn’t about to help them though, so it’s up to the Hawkins family. They turn into serious spies and hackers, and it’s so much fun to watch. Mattie realizes that if they can get Leo’s laptop out of the evidence truck then she can backup Leo’s memories that are stored on the device. The memories can then be used as a bargaining chip to get the synths back.

With the help of Pete, who shows up at the house in the hopes of getting some answers about Karen, Mattie and Toby make a break for it. They snatch the laptop and disappear with Pete while Laura tells the police chief that he should call Hobb. She’s got a few things to say to him.

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