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Humans recap: Episode 6

Tom’s identity is revealed and the conscious synths are reunited while both Hobb and Pete are closing in on the group.

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Des Willie/AMC


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Eva-Jane Willis, Emily Berrington, Gemma Chan
Drama, Sci-fi

Humans doesn’t let last week’s mild cliffhanger stand for very long. “Episode 6” opens on Fred, who isn’t a charred bit of metal and plastic, to the surprise of nobody really. Hobb has faked Fred’s death and is now keeping him under surveillance at his house in the country.

He tells Fred about how there’s a secret message from David Elster inside his head and that he needs all the conscious synths to unlock it. He pleads with Fred to understand that he’s merely trying to help him and his conscious buddies; that despite being a prisoner of sorts right now, Hobb has his best interests in mind.

Fred isn’t buying that though. He doesn’t trust the man who kidnapped him and has been running tests on him for weeks now. He tells Hobb that he’s underestimating him, then punches through a door and chokes out one of the guards. From there, Fred makes a daring escape, using a gun that shoots electromagnetic bullets to deal with Hobb and his henchmen.

Back in the Hawkins household, Sophie is under the impression that her dad is on a “work holiday” while everyone else is trying to deal with the fallout of Joe admitting that he had sex with Anita. That fallout includes a lot of tension between Mattie and Laura, as Mattie believes her mom isn’t being truthful about the whole situation, especially in regards to the mysterious Tom.

That leads Mattie to seek solace at her boyfriend’s house, but it isn’t long before Laura shows up to bring her back home. Mattie won’t come unless Laura tells her the truth, so the two head to a public park bench, where all deep, meaningful conversations happen.

I’m being snarky, but the moment the two share is genuinely touching and complex. Laura tells her daughter that Tom was her brother and that he died when he was 5-years-old. Laura was 11 and was meant to be watching him, but was talking to a neighbor when Tom got hit by a car.

Laura’s secrets go even deeper, as she reveals that she was visiting her mother (who Mattie and the whole family believe had died before Laura went off to college) in Leeds. She didn’t want to visit her mother, who never forgave her for Tom’s death and who told her that she wished Laura was the one who died, but felt it was necessary considering that Mattie was pulling away from her.

Despite these bombshells, the two reconcile. On the drive back home Mia breaks through Anita again, gasping in the backseat of the car and forcing Laura to pull over. Laura’s frightened but Mattie knows what’s going on. Mia says it won’t be long before Anita takes over again, but that Leo was right. She’s still alive, but Leo needs to look outside of her head for her.

After telling her mom all about Leo, Mattie sets out to find him and report her Mia sighting. She finds Max and joins up with him to go looking for Leo, who they find under a bridge, nearly dead. Max brings him fully back to life with a charge and from there the two explain to a hesitant Mattie just what’s going on.

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