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How to Get Away With Murder premiere recap: Season 3, Episode 1

What the Keating Five did on their summer vacation

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ABC/Mitch Haaseth

How to Get Away With Murder

TV Show
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Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch
Crime, Drama, Mystery

Philadelphia’s most murderous “law students” are back — and they’re nearly flunking out.

Last season’s finale revealed Frank has actually been enemy no. 1 all along, and he wisely heeded Annalise’s suggestion to GTFO of Philadelphia before she gets to him. We also saw Wes get a face full of blood when his first meeting with his father went horribly awry; the Hapstall siblings turned out to be the incestuous creeps everyone knew they were; and finally, Oliver took it upon himself to surreptitiously decline Connor’s acceptance to Stanford like some sort of psychopath.

That’s all behind us, though, so let’s get a fresh start by diving into tonight’s season 3 premiere episode!

Right off the bat, we learn a few things about Wes’ situation with Wallace Mahoney. Frank was responsible for orchestrating this mess; he picked up Wes, took him to Mahoney’s office, and encouraged him to talk to his father — getting him in just the right position to be in (someone’s) line of fire.

Annalise picks up Wes at the police station after the shooting and they quickly piece together Frank’s involvement. Annalise says Frank did this for her, but that neither man (Frank or Wallace) are worth losing themselves over. Annalise and Wes then casually venture into the woods and scream into the void for a while.

What Everyone Did On Their Summer Vacation

Laurel mostly just called Frank. In May, Laurel approached Annalise on her front lawn to let her know she was going to Mexico. Annalise assumes it’s a Frank thing, which Laurel denies. Laurel insists she hasn’t been in touch with Frank and pledges her loyalty to Annalise, forever and ever. In present-day September, though, it’s revealed Laurel has been calling Frank for months and leaving voicemails, seemingly getting no response.

Connor got real Philly on his roof. In June, Annalise met Connor on his roof, where he was sitting in a beach chair with his feet in a baby pool (Philly-as-hell of him, makes me so proud). Annalise dips her toes in and Connor tells her Oliver might ask her for a job at her firm this year, but she can’t give him one. Annalise agrees she won’t.

In present-day September, Annalise is having an informal interview with Oliver, who’s hard-core kissing up to her. She tells him she’s not hiring right now, but Oliver admits he can “be bad, too” and tells Annalise about deleting Connor’s email and declining his Stanford acceptance. Annalise considers Oliver a bit further.

Asher got poor. In July, Asher approached Annalise in her backyard, seemingly out of nowhere, and demanded a loan. His mom won’t pay his tuition, and of course neither will his father since Asher “chose Annalise” over him (oh and because he’s dead), so Asher feels like Annalise owes him. Annalise, of course, disagrees and tells Asher to get a job like everyone else. In present-day September, we see Asher is now a resident adviser on campus, and Michaela doesn’t want to have sex with him in a dorm. (Cue sad face.)

Michaela got drunk. Also in July, Michaela was pulled over for drunk driving, and Annalise came to pick her up and handle the situation. For some reason, Michaela yells at Annalise that she can’t be normal after everything that has happened, but it’s hard to take her too seriously when she’s yelling in a party dress and heels while sitting on a curb.

Finally, Annalise got a demotion. She had a meeting with the university president in August, where she was told she would no longer be teaching Intro to Criminal Law and would instead be relegated to a research position. The reason? The “students” “studying” at her law firm are too busy committing and covering up murders, and they’re not actually doing too well in their law-school classes. Annalise proposes creating a pro-bono law clinic as a class to get the Keating Five (and her other students) back on track, which ultimately catches us up to the present.

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