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How to Get Away With Murder recap: Season 3, Episode 9

Once again, they played us all for fools

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ABC/Nicole Wilder

How to Get Away With Murder

TV Show
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In Season
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Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch
Crime, Drama, Mystery

THAT. JUST. HAPPENED. Are you still emotionally distraught? Shaken? Completely heartbroken to learn Wes, an original member of the Keating Five, was the body #UnderTheSheet?! (And just as we were all celebrating Mary J. Blige’s return to the show!) Despite how things looked a few episodes ago (and as we’ve learned many times before), you can’t really trust what you think is happening on HTGAWM, because you’re usually wrong. Welcome to Shondaland.

While this episode answered one, big, half-season-long question, it also raised about 100 others. Let’s dive into tonight’s midseason finale!

To start, we learn Frank did not kill himself. Bonnie’s able to talk down her completely distraught onetime lover and get the gun out of his hand, as Annalise stands by insisting he pull the trigger. For his part, Frank just keeps profusely apologizing to Annalise for everything he’s done.

Now we’re at the point where the past syncs with the present, so we get to see how the hours leading up to Annalise’s house fire actually played out. As part of her law clinic’s midterm exam, Annalise asks her students to defend Ted Bundy in one minute. Surprise — they ALL pass the exam, and to celebrate, Annalise brings them a ton of champagne.

The kids get rowdy: Laurel and Wes get in a fight over Frank and who’s “trying to fix” the other more in their relationship; Asher tells Michaela he “accidentally” gave her address to her mother, who’s on her way to her apartment; Connor sort of implies something about Sam’s death to Oliver… You know, your average drunken antics.

While the students celebrate, Annalise goes to the hair salon to hang out with Mary J. She starts crying in the chair, seemingly overwhelmed by everything and desperately missing alcohol. A comforting Mary J. (being the great friend she probably is IRL) tells Annalise she’s welcome to ugly cry as much as she wants. But before Annalise leaves the salon, Mary J. thanks her for the woman who recently came in on Annalise’s recommendation. Annalise is at first baffled as to whom this could be, but then realizes it was ADA Atwood.

Annalise goes to Atwood’s office under the guise of wanting to “make nice.” In reality, she’s there to ask Atwood why she’s been following her before mocking Atwood for trying to be all stealthy by going to her salon for dirt. Of course, the ADA denies everything and demands Annalise leave her office.

On her way out, Annalise approaches Nate in a parking garage and asks if he’s helping them investigate her. Despite his obvious annoyance with Annalise yelling at him once again, he says he has no idea what she’s talking about and he wasn’t involved. Shortly after, he goes in to discuss the situation with Atwood and abruptly breaks up with her.

NEXT: The police interrogate Wes