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How to Get Away With Murder recap: Season 3, Episode 4

Annalise yells at everyone, Laurel is alive, and Frank kills again

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ABC/Mitch Haaseth

How to Get Away With Murder

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Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch
Crime, Drama, Mystery

The last five minutes of HTGAWM continues its reign of insanity. There were more twists in this episode than I could mentally handle, plus: Eve is back, Nate is out, and Annalise yelled at pretty much everybody. Let’s discuss this crazy episode 4.

We pick up where the last episode left­­ off: with Annalise in jail. She’s settling into her cell quite nicely when Bonnie comes by and informs her that a person was pulled out of her burning house alive, but they don’t know who it is yet.

FLASHBACK to four weeks earlier, where Annalise is meeting Eve at a bar. They’re catching up and they’re approached by two aggressive litigators who want to buy them drinks. Annalise and Eve go into full party mode — shots, bottles, and lots of hair flipping takes place over what we assume is several hours of the night. Later, Annalise drunkenly struggles to get into her own house and Nate (being the wonderful man he is) assists her.

Tristan’s Baby Mama

Annalise has taken on the case of a young student named Tristan, who’d been physically abused as a child in foster care and is currently being accused of credit card theft. Asher is the first chair on this case, as Annalise comes in incredibly hung over from the night before.

As Asher is nervously giving his opening statement, an aide to the prosecution bursts in to inform them that Annalise’s license has been placed under suspension, and therefore she should not be in court practicing. This comes as news to Annalise, and she finds out that someone had sent the courts a video of her slap-heard-round-the-world from last week’s episode.

Bonnie picks up the pieces of the case, and Asher continues to try to inspire his fellow students in helping defend Tristan. They’re trying to find out what Tristan may have spent the thousands of dollars on, and eventually they discover he’d been frequenting a local storage unit.

Bonnie and Asher take Tristan to the storage unit, where they find he’s stashed thousands of dollars worth of new baby items – strollers, chairs, toys, clothes, the works. Tristan says his girlfriend is five months pregnant and begs them not to tell anyone. Why? Because his “girlfriend” works at his school.

Asher and Bonnie turn to the teachers they’d met in court, who came to let them know they’d do anything necessary to help with the case. They talk to one teacher in particular named Susan, who claimed that she was aware of Tristan’s history, and knew there was no way he’d stolen the money, especially given that “he’d always had his head buried in a book.”

Bonnie interrogates Susan on the stand the next day in court. Susan continually claims she does not know what Bonnie’s talking about, and eventually Bonnie makes it clear that she is accusing Susan of rape. Tristan begs Asher to get Bonnie to leave her alone, but Susan eventually pleads the fifth. Later, Tristan is furiously upset with Asher and Bonnie. He tries to explain to them that everything he’s tried to do was for the baby — and if Susan ends up in jail, the baby will end up in the system the same way he did.

Asher tells Bonnie he’s proud of her, despite their client’s disdain for both of them.

Frank’s Big Move

Frank made some progress this episode, by posing as a guy named Kevin and working at a prison in Coalport, PA (a perfectly named Pennsylvania town if I’ve ever heard of one). It turns out he did this for a specific reason — it’s the same prison housing Bonnie’s father. Frank went through some drastic measures to get to get to him, and ultimately, brutally murder him.

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