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How To Get Away With Murder recap: Season 3, Episode 3

Laurel’s past comes to the forefront as the gang goes to Atlantic City

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ABC/Nicole WIlder

How to Get Away With Murder

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Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch
Crime, Drama, Mystery

Another episode of HTGAWM, another character who’s not on that stretcher. Despite the fact that many of us had Bonnie going all the way in our who’s-under-the-sheet bracket challenge, it looks like she’s safe. Let’s go over what else we learned in “Always Bet Black.”

In present day, Oliver has left the scene of Annalise’s burning house, and is rushing to delete the contents of the cell phone she gave him at the end of the last episode. Annalise has been taken into custody and is being booked at the police station.

Six Weeks Earlier…

Nate lets Annalise know that he’s filed a missing person’s report for Frank. Annalise says she regrets involving him in this whole mess, and she should have kept the details of everything with Frank to herself. Nate doesn’t quite understand why, but doesn’t take too much offense and makes her a smoothie anyway.

Annalise is back on campus, and it seems as though she may have yelled her way into not being suspended, for the time being. She’s still “teaching” her clinic and promises President Hargrove that the case they have coming up will be a doozy.

How Could Anyone Defend This Guy

The case in question is that of a formerly rich real estate developer named Toby, who’s burned through his money (and five lawyers) trying to defend himself and get a fair trial. A fair trial for what you ask? For the death of an escort he’d hired who died in his presence. He hires Annalise, who promises she will get him zero jail time and get him the fair trial she thinks he deserves for some reason.

Michaela comes to work on this case, but is immediately repulsed when the court learns that Toby took the time to take a selfie with the dead escort, time he could have spent calling 911 or checking to see if she was breathing. They press on though, despite the fact that Toby is a notable creep who hits on Michaela twice in their limited interactions.

Bonnie thinks they should try to get a plea deal for Toby. Annalise goes to talk to the DA/prosecution about this, and though their conversation starts out quite chummy, the DA refuses. She explains to Annalise that there was no way they would negotiate with her because of her “reputation” and previous misconduct (exhibiting clear prosecutional bias).

Meanwhile, Toby has taken $20,000 out of his bank account. When Oliver, Bonnie, and Michaela find out, they rush over to Annalise’s to inform her of his recent activity. Bonnie and Annalise hunt down Toby to see what’s up, and Toby tells them that though he is, in fact, broke, he’s being blackmailed by his last lawyer. Blackmailed for what, you ask?

Toby “killed a girl,” and no, it’s not the girl he’s already on trial for. Toby killed a totally DIFFERENT girl named Janie, who refused to sleep with him and possibly made fun of his appearance. (I say “possibly” because these are Toby’s recollections. Can we really trust them? He seems like a certified psychopath.) So Toby brutally murdered this young, college-aged woman, then hid her body in a freezer in “a warehouse in Manayunk” (my Philly people, everyone knows Manayunk is where all the warehouse/freezers are, amirite?).

Bonnie and Annalise tell Oliver and Michaela to leave, as they try to decide what to do with this information about their client. Bonnie is especially upset, namely at the fact that the family of this poor girl are still feverishly trying to find her.

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