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'How to Get Away With Murder' recap: 'There Are Worse Things Than Murder'

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ABC/Nicole WIlder

How to Get Away With Murder

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Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch
Crime, Drama, Mystery

Well, we have one hint as to who’s NOT dead(?) on that stretcher, and unfortunately, it’s just Oliver. That’s right, at the end of tonight’s episode we learned Oliver isn’t the body hidden under the sheet. (Is anyone else kind of “meh” about that reveal? I hoping for more information…) But let’s recap the rest of “There Are Worse Things Than Murder” to find out how we got there.

Episode 2 starts where we left off last week, with Annalise running up to an ambulance parked in front of her burning house. This time, though, she’s talking to the police who are looking for her to give them an alibi. She’s appalled they would accuse her of being involved in burning down her own house, and (being Annalise) she starts arguing with them, suggesting they “arrest her, then!”

We then flash back to two months ago. It’s September, shortly after school started. Annalise destroys the phone she used to communicate with the private investigator, now that Frank has killed the guy anyway. She meets with the university president and head of the Middleton University Board, who assure her they’re looking into the perpetrator of those “Killer” fliers being posted around campus. However, later in the episode, they decide to suspend Annalise under the guise of protecting her and her students. Annalise is, to say the least, not pleased with this news, and threatens to take legal action against the school.

Finding Frank

A big part of this episode centered on the hunt for Frank. Since Frank offed Annalise’s PI, she’s panicked that Frank will show up out of nowhere looking for her. Despite Annalise rejecting all of Nate’s recent advances (more on that later), she enlists his help to track down her former protégé. They seem to make some initial headway in the search, but it turns out Nate was tracing an unreliable cell signal.

Meanwhile, we see Frank drive a car into a tree with the dead PI in the backseat. He moves the body to the front and sets the car on fire, creating what looks like the scene of an accident.

Bonnie does some snooping and learns that despite what she told Annalise, Laurel has been calling Frank for months. Bonnie gets Laurel drunk, and Laurel spills about her lingering feelings for Frank, confessing that she’s left him about a thousand voicemails. Bonnie insists Laurel does not need Frank and is, in fact better off without him. Then, Bonnie and Annalise convince Laurel to leave Frank one last message — assuring him no one is mad, and asking him to come home.

Come On, Irene!

This episode’s clinic case involves a battered wife and the husband she murdered. The wife, Irene, is up for a parole hearing, and Annalise wants her students to present her with the best narrative to help Irene get out of prison.

Ultimately, Irene picks Connor to defend her. All three members of the parole board are older, white men who aren’t exactly on her side in this situation. They ask her to defend herself and her actions, and to explain her relationship with the husband she killed, but she can’t. She’s relatively silent during the hearing, which pushes Connor to angrily come to her defense.

Despite Annalise’s advice, Connor sits with Irene and tries to level with her by admitting that he, too, has taken a life. He insists that as long as she’s silent about her abuse, she’ll never get out of prison. Irene has to get the parole board on her side and appeal to their sympathies. She returns to the hearing and finally recounts some of the most horrible stories of abuse you could imagine. She says she didn’t regret her actions because she was living in hell, and killing her husband, Rodney, was the only thing that set her free.

In the end, the board approved Irene’s parole, and Connor and Annalise were elated at the outcome — Connor a little less so, because he couldn’t quite share his win with Oliver.

NEXT: “I want to make you happy again”


Couples Drama

It seems all of our HTGAWM duos are having issues this episode. First, Nate is tirelessly asking Annalise to have sex with him — or accompany him in the shower, or maybe lightly graze his thigh — but she routinely shoots him down. I mean, has she seen Nate?

Next there’s Annalise and Wes. To be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure what’s really going on there. Annalise (a professor) invites Wes (a student, for all intents and purposes) to move in with her. Wes says no thanks, but realizes Annalise might be concerned about Frank showing up or someone coming after Wes for his father’s murder. Later in the episode, Wes shows up at her door with a pizza he eats himself. Problem solved, I guess?

Then we have Asher and Michaela. They’re still secretly hooking up and Asher isn’t happy about it. Michaela claims she and Asher are just too different and she doesn’t want to date him anyway, so he needs to let the idea go or she’ll call things off. Asher being Asher, he doesn’t let it go, and he tries to convince Michaela there is something between them she refuses to acknowledge. The cat’s out of the bag either way, because Connor catches Asher at Michaela’s apartment.

And finally, there’s Connor and Oliver. These two continue to break my heart. They’re still living together even though they’re “broken up.” The rest of the Keating Five think Connor cheated on Oliver and are shocked to learn it was Oliver who broke things off. When Connor returns from the parole hearing, Oliver is overly excited at Connor’s accomplishment and they kiss. Both are surprised, and Connor again begs Oliver to let “me make you happy again.” Oliver still stonewalls him, though, and actually says the words “If you really want to make me happy, you’ll let me go.” UGH. Oliver, that’s fine. Just don’t come crawling back to us in a month when Annalise is working you to the bone or you’re caught in the middle of a murder, okay? (I guess it’s clear that I’m strictly on Team Don’t-Make-Connor-Sad, in this fight.)

The last five minutes of the episode takes us two months into the future once more, where we see Annalise arguing with the cops who regard her as a suspect. As things get more aggressive, Oliver emerges from the crowd to find Annalise, and she hands him what looks like a cell phone (or possibly a hard drive?) and tells him to destroy everything on it. Annalise is then handcuffed and taken away by the police.

So that’s all we’ve got so far with regards to the body under the white sheet: It’s not Annalise, and it’s not Oliver.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Asher, d-bag extraordinaire, repeatedly calling Oliver “my boy” as Connor explains their breakup.
  • “Uh, what about me? Unless I have a vagina I don’t know about.” —Simon

    “Why don’t you check?” —Connor

  • “Either accept the fact that you’ll never be more than a meat stick to me, or we can end this.” —Michaela spilling an interesting turn of phrase

Were you shocked that Oliver is “safe”? My money is on Wes or Bonnie at this point, but who do you think it is on that stretcher? Let us know in the comments!