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How to Get Away With Murder recap: 'What Did We Do?'

Annalise spills a secret that gets her shot, and Asher finally joins Murder, Inc.

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Mitch Haaseth/ABC

How to Get Away With Murder

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Have you ever cheered seeing someone get run over by a car? Congratulations, you watch How to Get Away With Murder.

DA Sinclair’s automotive autopsy was but a brief thrill in the show’s midseason finale, which packed in enough sick people doing sick things to wholly delight us, an audience of equally sick people who like to watch equally sick things.

Tonight’s winter finale brought the season full circle — well, full half-circle, since it’s only midseason — and while the first few steps in HTGAWM’s second outing have admittedly been a bit rough, I would argue that the November finale rescued the season with some top-notch payoffs (like Nia’s pills, Asher’s dad, and most importantly, the slow-burning Rebecca card, which absolutely shocked me but maybe shouldn’t have).

I’m tempted to recap this episode backwards and begin with the biggest bombshells, because you and I both know what we want to discuss: Wes shooting Annalise. Annalise and Christophe (who is…Wes?). Asher killing Sinclair. Frank drugging Catherine. Connor maybe almost shooting Michaela. Laurel making rash decisions. Bonnie looking under a car.

But we’re blessed with a rare chronological episode, so who am I to write a backwards recap for the one night of the year we ever get a straight timeline? So let’s start at the very beginning, which I have on good authority from a governess is a very good place to start.

Here is everything you need to know about what happened before Murder Night, a.k.a. MURDER DAY:

MORNING: As we learned last week, Michaela and Caleb discovered the gun suggesting Catherine’s guilt. They call Connor to help dispose of it. (Surprise: He didn’t want to.) At the same time, Annalise, Laurel, Frank, and Wes debate whether to get rid of Catherine’s portrait in Philip’s pictures, since they’re trying to pin the case solely on him and keep her innocent. Eventually, both sides convene, and Annalise ditches the plan for one simple solution: No more protecting Catherine. Caleb’s now her only remaining client, and it’s a race to get Catherine and Philip implicated. The problem is Catherine ran away, and she’s hiding out at a motel.

NOON: Philip has been brought into the police station for questioning, which puts Annalise and Nate on edge. Nate’s back on the force, but he isn’t privy to what Philip is telling the cops; he’s too busy being taunted by Sinclair, so much so that he blows up at her in the middle of the station. He loses his job; in turn, he files a racial discrimination suit against her. Everyone witnesses Nate going after her, which certainly won’t help matters later when she’s dead. A few hours later, Nate and Sinclair meet in her car, and she tries to bury the hatchet. The takeaway: Nate’s fingerprints are now all over Sinclair’s car.

4 P.M.-ISH:  Asher’s dad has committed suicide, hanging himself in his office after Sinclair leaked all the information about his malfeasance and Trotter Lake. Bonnie breaks the news, and a distraught Asher goes to see his mother, who instantly turns on him. Mrs. Millstone blames Asher for driving his father to kill himself, between the Trotter Lake humiliation and Asher’s supposed choice of Annalise over his own family. (This was one element of the episode I take issue with — Mrs. Millstone’s reasoning was really flawed since Asher hasn’t exactly demonstrated that kind of loyalty to Annalise — but that is literally the least-important point to discuss right now.)

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Asher, broken and alone, drives around until he finds Sinclair standing in her office parking garage. Having had a day, Sinclair is in no mood and provokes Asher with her signature combination of total bitch + terrible acting. Then she brings up Mr. Millstone. “God knows he deserved it,” she spouts while Asher fumes inside his car. “Maybe you’re better off without him.” She walks away, and a seething Asher throws his car in reverse and RUNS HER OVER. I cheered. You cheered. We all cheered that Sinclair is dead and bloody and we’ll (hopefully) never have to see her alive again. God this show is really screwing with my mental health. But on the happy side, we can now welcome Asher to Murder, Inc.! Come to me, baby.

Asher calls Bonnie, who double checks Sinclair’s body underneath his car and confirms, yeah, she’s dead.

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