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How to Get Away with Murder recap: I Want You to Die

If what Annalise said is true, Wes has the worst luck with mommies.

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How to Get Away With Murder

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If How to Get Away With Murder ever attempted to execute a holiday episode, I like to believe this would be it — it’s full of presents as far as the eye can see. You like court cases? Have four of them. Startling confessions? There’re a couple of those, too. If you leave the cookies out for Santa, Oliver’s got the milk covered. And to top it all off, there’s Bonnie Claus, who prefers, instead of using the chimney, to drop her presents right on your front doorstep.

You’re right — it’s much too early for a holiday episode of anything, but as HTGAWM steams toward its winter finale, no detail is being spared to get there. Oliver is missing, Wes might be Annalise’s son, and Bonnie has upgraded her permit to kill to a full-blown license.

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Night of the Fancy Mansion

Back at the scene, Michaela tries to stop Connor from leaving the Hapstall house while Laurel and Wes overhear their conversation. Wes appears to be holding the gun, and as Connor flees initially, Wes tells Laurel that they have to stop him. 

They run out on the balcony, and Wes yells for Connor and Michaela to stop, but ADA Sinclair’s body toppling to the ground interrupts them. On the second story are Wes and Laurel, but up above them is our girl Bonnie, looking down on her handy work. If you turn up the volume, you can hear her softly singing, “It’s raining ADA Sinclair. Hallelujah, it’s raining ADA Sinclair.” Okay, I made that part up — can’t get anything past you guys.

Trotter Lake and Bonnie’s “Thing”

Bonnie almost immediately calls out Asher for what he did at Trotter Lake — she announces it in front of Michaela, who is immediately interested. (Granted all she finds is Asher’s “Bye Felicia” music video). When he chases her down, she says, “You could have stopped them.” It’s nice to know that Asher’s not the rapist, but we still have big issues.

Four guys took Tiffany upstairs, and Asher stayed downstairs, called his dad because he was concerned, and then his dad had it covered up. Now Tiffany is out there, living with the truth every day while Asher’s life has primarily consisted of finding the perfect beige suit. If that’s not privilege, I don’t know what is.

Asher follows Bonnie around like a puppy trying to form an explanation — that he was stupid and he’s sorry and he’d offer her money, but nothing is enough for Bonnie. He gets to be oblivious and the fun guy while Tiffany hurts. Bonnie can’t look at him the same anymore, and Asher says, “I understand because it’s your thing…” Bonnie’s heartbroken and says, “She told you, didn’t she?” 

Annalise comes home from her Eve date, all smiles and rainbows, and there sits Bonnie disgusted with Annalise for telling Asher about her past. Drunk Bonnie tells Annalise that she’s ruined the one good thing she had in her life and that she doesn’t know how to love anyone. And Bonnie finishes with, “I wish you would die. I wish it were you they killed in this house. And not Sam.” 

Wes Has Two Mommies

Four days before the Night of the Fancy Mansion, we’re in Wes’ apartment. He hops out of the shower in a towel, and all of a sudden, there’s three guns in the room. Oh, sorry. I mean… Wes’ exposed biceps and a real gun. A gun that looks just like the one from the flashforward. He puts it away and gets to the office.

He is originally assigned to the case of the week, but then he gets reshuffled to keep tabs on the Nia Lahey murder case, where Nate is casually being framed for a second murder tied to Annalise. He watches the case unfold and reports back to Annalise when he suspects that Eve has thrown the case. In the end, Eve and Wes share a quick moment outside of the courtroom when Eve realizes that the person Annalise has been protecting all along has been Wes. Annalise tries to rebuff her questions, but finally gives up and says, “He’s not some student. It’s him.” HIM. It sounds like someone might be admitting to a smidgen of motherhood, which leads us to this…

THEORY: I’m not going to try and touch on the motive behind it, but what if Annalise’s shooting is staged, leaving Wes’ adoptive mother dead and Wes’ biological mother bleeding out. After Annalise’s little speech to Wes last week pushing blame over on him, Wes would not only have two mommies but also potentially be responsible for both of their deaths? Poor track record.

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