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How to Get Away with Murder recap: Meet Bonnie

Nothing says friendship like taking the heat for a casual murder.

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Mitch Haaseth/ABC

How to Get Away With Murder

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Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch
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Favors can get messy. Tonight, I step in for Marc again, attempting to help you figure out how they’re getting away with all these murders. It’s a relatively simple ask — he’ll return next week, and the favor is complete. It’s simple. Bonnie, on the other hand, does Annalise and the team a favor by admitting to Sam’s murder and revealing a whole other difficult layer of her past. No offense to Bonnie, but our definitions of “favor” are just a little bit different. And then​ there’s the sexual favors that Laurel and Frank were exchanging in the basement. Connor even wants to do Michaela a favor by helping her have an orgasm. It’s hard to keep up with all the favors flying around this episode. Like I said, it’s messy.

Asher and the no good, very bad dad

Three weeks before everyone left ADA Sinclair to become the corpse version of a garden gnome, we explore our first version of messy: Asher and his dad in court. The hearing is for Annalise and the Keating Five — specifically the wire tapping involving them. But it’s not the Keating Five… it’s the Keating Four now because as part of Asher’s testimony, he’ll get immunity. But when he’s called to the stand, Asher bolts for the door.

In an episode that takes the definition of linear storytelling, tosses it to the ground, and then throws ADA Sinclair on top of it, a lot of the Asher’s story flashes back and forth, flashing back to when Asher goes to visit Annalise and confirms the story Bonnie gave him about killing Sam. He returns to ADA Sinclair and his dad, confident in his findings. It’s a chance for Asher to set himself free from wrongdoing, but he quickly finds out that one crime is covering up another.

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Asher discovers his dad isn’t just a good guy looking for justice for Sam Keating. He’s hiding his own demons. Remember that time Judge Millstone decided not to act on information about a perjured testimony during one of his hearings? Yeah. He’s cut himself a deal. Asher realizes that he’s not just saving himself with information — he’s saving his dad. In a bar, ADA Sinclair takes her ill-kept bob and tries to convince Asher that he can be a good guy or a mini-Annalise. But if we peek into the future, whichever option he chooses means he’s probably going to get shot at some point in his career. Yikes.

Connor’s got an orgiastic idea

Connor had a rough week last week, y’all. And just like the rest of us, he knows that a great way to take the edge off is to have a beer or nine, kick back, and proposition an orgy to the group. Connor gets a little bit daydrunk and tells the group that they are all under the thumb of Annalise. That’s when he pitches the orgy (and even an orgasm for Michaela, because sharing is caring). Drinking on the job is not appreciated, and Annalise questions where the Connor she once knew went.

Post-guilty-mom speech, Connor and Michaela go to Oliver’s to try and hack a completed police camera video of the siblings’ aunt being a racist, but when Michaela steps away, Connor takes the opportunity to be honest. He tells Oliver he could go to jail, but even if that happens, he loves Oliver. Loves him. At the end of every Humpr rainbow is a socially conscious, romantic story line.

Everyone’s a little bit racist

Without any further substantial evidence, it appears that Aunt Buzzkill’s testimony that Caleb and Catherine (#TheTwincest) are the one’s responsible for their parents’ deaths could hold up. It’s harsh because we’ve accused them of a lot. Being twins when they’re not. Being sexually involved when they’re (probably) not. But killing your parents? That’s hella harsh. Without any further testimonies or evidence, that’s how it’s going to fall. That’s why Annalise challenges Murder Inc. to prove otherwise.

The team ends up finding a security video that shows Aunt Buzzkill using some pretty antiquated racial slurs, which is pretty great for Caleb and Catherine because “half-breed” is only an acceptable phrase when you’re Connor-level drunk and doing a karaoke medley of Cher’s greatest hits. 

Annalise and team bring the police video into the courtroom, but unfortunately because it was hacked, it can’t be used. But then Catherine loses her damn mind and calls out the judge for being black, and the judge goes full logic back at her and says that she has to uphold the law. Don’t you hate the law, man?

Two truths and a Nate

In no uncertain terms, Annalise’s relationship with Nate is just a constant game of Two Truths and a Lie, and literally no one has told Nate that he’s playing. She wants to come clean with him about Nia and her death wish, which is pretty noble, I suppose. But you know Annalise, and nobility is not really her strong suit, so my guess is that she’s covering for the wire that Nia was probably smuggling last week. Can’t trust a dying woman, you know? Regardless, this is Annalise’s one kind-of truth. 

The first lie is that she doesn’t want to keep secrets from him. The second lie is that crazy story she fed him about Bonnie. She cries and tells Nate that she framed him to protect Bonnie, who is now everyone’s favorite scapegoat for Sam’s killer. She drops some of those powerful Annalise tears before saying that she’d die if that meant not hurting him again. Sounds like some pretty heavy foreshadowing for that stomach shot she’s taking in about three weeks. It could be Nate, but after this week, there’s at least a half-dozen people who could be holding that gun.

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