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How to Get Away with Murder recap: 'Smile, or Go to Jail'

Annalise juggles a soccer mom and a football star, Michaela juggles her fiance and Connor (who definitely juggled each other), and Wes sticks his neck out for Rebecca, who probably doesn’t much care for juggling.

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How To Get Away With Murder 01
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How to Get Away With Murder

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Poor Michaela. Sure, it’s easy to write her off and say that the Ivy League overachiever has it all, if “it all” means chic power blouses and luxurious hair and a perfectly vacuumed bedroom that looks like Monica Geller designed a Target back-to-school ad. She seems like the kind of girl who would skip “Shake It Off” on a playlist and not even bother telling you why. But there’s a layer of vulnerability about Michaela that revealed itself tonight, and it’s thanks to the classic scenario we’ve all been through: Girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, girl absolutely freaks out when she discovers that boy has previously Hufflepuffed another boy’s Slytherin. Sigh.

Loyal readers of my How to Get Away with Murder recaps know that one of my biggest questions about the Night of the Sam Keating Murder (a.k.a. Night of the Flying Cheerleader) is why Michaela and Connor hate each other more than they seem to hate everyone else. And the answer, at the moment, seems to be the newfound knowledge that Michaela will never be able to forget that she and Connor are now and forever Eskimo brothers. Her fiance Aiden swears he’s not gay, but bi-phobic Michaela isn’t convinced—and Connor, meanwhile, proves yet again that he’s the biggest, sexiest, most beautifully brooding, side-mouth-smiling douchebag since Alex Karev.

Oh, but there were plenty of other juicy developments in Episode 3—things that had to do with Lila’s phone, Griffin’s testimony, Michaela’s engagement ring, Wes’ recklessness, Sam’s not-so-true alibi, Nate’s not-so-true reporting of the alibi, Annalise’s dinner party, Frank’s mysterious job, Bonnie’s steamy trail mix encounter, Laurel’s very first party invitation, Asher’s meatloaf, and Rebecca’s cornrow-less hair (so much bounce!). It’s HTGAWM Thursday, and it’s time to break down all the #OhMyGAWM.


Here’s what we learned this week:

Point of Interest #1: Rebecca has Lila’s phone.

After finding the phone Rebecca hid in his bathroom hours before she got arrested, Wes can’t seem to unlock the device (and Connor won’t let his IT eye candy help, either). But when the phone rings, Wes answers—and it’s someone named “Man” (thanks, closed captions!) who calls looking for Lila, claiming that some dude “said she could hook me up.” Now, where I come from, hook-ups mean three things: Internet connections, various sexual acts that often lead to regrettable results, and good old-fashioned drug dealers. Was Lila a drug dealer? Were Rebecca and Lila co-drug dealers? Can drug dealers even be co-drug dealers? (Like, one in charge of the product and one in charge of branding and marketing, à la Breaking Bad?) More importantly, though: Why does Rebecca have Lila’s phone?

Point of Interest #2: Griffin’s tale is Rebecca.

That last question is somewhat answered in the pre-testimony testimony of newly arrested football star Griffin O’Reilly, whom the University has asked Annalise to defend in an attempt to save the sports program and keep the undergraduate jawline-to-book ratio high. Griffin reveals his story about the night of Lila’s murder:

A pissed-off Lila didn’t come to the frat party, so Griff called Rebecca looking for some drugs (a connection he only has because of Lila’s friendship with her, which we know isn’t true because of their late-night visits). Rebecca came over, and she and Griff hooked up, but Lila walked in and, because they were apparently “waiting” for “marriage,” which we know isn’t true because look at him. So Lila starts screaming and scratching him, which is why his DNA is under her nails, and then Lila storms out and Griffin notices Rebecca smiling, and he realizes that Rebecca texted Lila from Griffin’s phone precisely so that she would catch them, which doesn’t really sound true because of no other reason than I don’t believe him. And Griff sums the murder up: “Rebecca did this, not me.”

Knowing that Griffin is going to blame Rebecca, Wes runs to the jail to warn her. He suddenly discovers he knows how to use Photoshop and prints out a fake Pennsylvania attorney’s license so that he can infiltrate the police department and get into an interrogation room to warn Rebecca. (Where did Wes get this bad-boy instinct and reckless abandon? The world’s best/worst law school professor, obvi.) Posing as a public defender, Wes asks Rebecca whether there’s evidence on Lila’s phone that can save her, but Rebecca inexplicably calls the guard and throws Wes out. As they cart him away, he yells, “Soylent Green is people!” and then he realizes he probably should have yelled, “Griffin’s going to pin it on you!” and it’s only THEN that Rebecca is suddenly worried. Worried enough to confess to the entire murder, it seems. (And next week’s previews suggest that Wes will get into a whole lot of trouble for his big mouth.)

Point of Interest #3: Sam’s alibi doesn’t check out.

What of our main adult suspect, Sam Keating? You know that alibi Sam said he had on August 29, the night of Lila’s murder? Yeah, turns out, not so much. Following up on Annalise’s plea last week, Nate goes to Yale to check Sam’s story and finds out that Mr. Keating never showed up for the lecture he was meant to give. He claimed he had food poisoning, and it pissed off the Yale dean who had been courting him for a job. (At a later dinner party with Annalise and friends, Sam drops the casual news that he didn’t get the job, but curiously forgets to mention why.)

Nate also finds out that Sam’s car had left the hotel’s parking lot from 7 p.m. on August 29 until 6 a.m. the next morning. So, Sam’s alibi is now officially tarnished, BUT the big difference here is that it’s the first time viewers and Annalise have taken divergent roads… because we see that Nate decided not to tell Annalise that Sam’s alibi doesn’t stack up. Instead, he completely lies and says her husband was at Yale the whole time.

WHY, NATE, WHY!? Is it so Annalise—the woman whom you have seen crumble from the paranoia of her husband’s possibly homicidal inclinations—can finally rest easy? Or do you, Nate Lahey, know more about the Lila case than you’re letting on?

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