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'How to Get Away with Murder' recap: 'Mama's Here Now'

Annalise’s mother pulls her out of depression, while Wes and Laurel discover the truth about Rudy.

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Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

How to Get Away With Murder

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There are a lot of reasons why a person might say the word “wet.” Perhaps he is complaining to a landlord about a leak. Maybe she is a party guest handing back a baby. Is he or she in a school production of The Miracle Worker? Is someone playing Taboo and trying to describe Waterworld? Or did this person say “wet” because, perhaps, he encountered his neighbor one dark August night, dripping with water (and maybe covered in blood?), and the shocking sight coupled with an unstable drug-addled mind was enough to make this person go so crazy that the mere mention of the girl and memory of that fateful night reduces them to a single syllable?

Did I confuse you? Let me say it this way: Rudy saw Rebecca dripping with water the night Lila Stangard was murdered in a water tank. I mean, I think he did.

It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots here—Rebecca Sutter, the on-again goth-again lover of Wes, has been lying. A lot. There are so many questions that rise from this major drenched development, borne from Wes and Laurel’s visit to the psychiatric hospital where Rebecca had Rudy committed the night of Lila’s murder. Here’s just a small appetizer platter going through my head:

  • Did Rebecca kill Lila?
  • Did she dump her body in the water tank?
  • If she didn’t do the water tank dumping, did Griffin help her?
  • Or did she try to rescue Lila from the water tank, but realized she was too late yet still got wet?
  • Is this why Rebecca had Lila’s phone?
  • Is that why Rebecca got into an argument with Griffin?
  • Is this why Rebecca was a damn mess the first time we met her?
  • Is that why we’ve frequently seen Rebecca wet throughout the season in various people’s showers? (Fact, look it up.)
  • What else has Rebecca been lying about?
  • And where does Rudy come in?
  • What did he see?
  • What did he hear?
  • Why does he scratch?
  • Did something bad happen in Rebecca’s apartment that created such horrific, murder-y sounds that poor Rudy went crazy and tried to scratch through the walls?
  • Was Rudy also one of Rebecca’s drug dealers, a la Lila?
  • Did Rebecca cause his drug overdose?
  • Why did she have him committed?
  • Or is this all a big red herring throwing us off the scent of Bonnie, who is now redeemed just in time for the shocking revelation that she jealously killed Lila after finding out she was carrying her secret lover’s relationship-threatening future baby? (See: recap page four.)

With just one, two-hour season finale left, perhaps these questions will be answered. Or perhaps they won’t. But let’s not immediately jump to conclusions, even though that’s all I want to do right now. (I’ll leave that for you in the comments.) Let’s digest the episode, which included, among other things, a major uptick in the Connor-Oliver relationship, a heroic-ish legal turn from Bonnie, and a happy hour between four friends that is basically THE ONLY SCENE I HAVE WANTED FOR SIX MONTHS. But first.


Last week, Annalise framed Nate for Sam’s murder. Casual, right? Now, it’s pretty likely that Nate is actually in on the whole plan (see: Annalise’s visit to Nate at the end of the episode), but behind closed doors, Annalise is absolutely distraught about the shambles her life is in. She hasn’t left her room since Nate was arrested. Sam is dead. Her law practice is in dire straits. We’ve literally never seen her eat. And so it’s no surprise that Annalise has taken to the comfort of her comforter, wallowing in whatever it is people wallow in these days. (Sadness? Comfortable flannel? I don’t know.)

Enter: Annalise’s mother, unforgettably played by acting legend Cicely Tyson, who I saw scoot around the stage on Broadway in The Trip to Bountiful with all the fiercely strident energy of a hungry toddler after naptime. When Ophelia arrives at the decadent Keating homestead, it’s curtains open and sunshine blazing, making it impossible for Annalise to continue her sad drunken slumber. (Weird: The song playing when Annalise took off her wig that one time was called “No One’s Here to Sleep,” which is basically what Ophelia might as well be beatboxing while she cleans up Annalise’s messy room.)

Even though Annalise basically begged her mother to come, she won’t budge from bed—until Ophelia tries to throw away Sam’s suits, and then she moves. Oh, how she moves out of that bed to save that Armani! Despite all that she’s been through with Sam, she was still his wife, and the reality of throwing away her dead husband’s belongings is setting in.

Not that Ophelia would understand. From the get-go, we learn that Ophelia never trusted nor liked Sam, and finding out that he had a bun in Lila’s “nasty oven” doesn’t help her mourn her son-in-law. She’s harsh yet honest when she gives Annalise a vicious reality check: “You ain’t got no husband, ain’t got no boyfriend, and you holed up in this bed like the Queen of Sheba. Does that about cover it?” Oh, the one-liners in this episode. They’re VIP.

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