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How to Get Away with Murder recap: 'He Deserved to Die'

Rebecca admits to one murder and fights to clear her name in another, and Bonnie drops a major bomb about Lila that sends Annalise and Sam spinning.

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How To Get Away With Murder
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How to Get Away With Murder

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So, do we like Rebecca now?

That’s the big question that may or may not have been answered in episode 7: The One Where Rebecca Somehow Knew Everything. Thinking about leaving your prestigious job and going to work for your personality-less boyfriend in legal aid? Rebecca knows! Got a pre-nup in your bag where there shoulda been a Vogue? Rebecca knows! Born in Haiti? Rebecca now knows!

We still don’t necessarily know her story—not like we know Ohio-bred Wes’, at least—but we’ve learned a tiny bit more about the surly townie bartender whom Asher has so politely nicknamed “Slutter.” Heck, even Annalise gets in on the Rebecca hate when Bex is cracking jokes under the microscopic and fashionable eye of the Keating Five (or Six, if you include Annalise, or Eight, if you include Bonnie and Frank, or Nine, if you include Sam occasionally walking the halls looking for trail mix and vulnerable girls).

But Rebecca’s personality shone through tonight and should have won over some hard-eyed viewers who weren’t keen to open their hearts to her. I think I signed on for Team Rebecca after she demonstrated a bizarre form of sarcastic charm borne from a surprising well of legal knowledge and observational skill, as if Sherlock was always meant to be a rude girl from Pennsylvania. The night’s best scene, hands down, involved Rebecca calling out Michaela (shocked by a pre-nup) and Laurel (shocked by indecision) about each of their secrets. It was a trio that has never had any alone time before on HTGAWM—and now that I’ve seen their triplet dynamic, I propose an entire spin-off devoted to all three women living with one another in the big city, looking for love and covering up murders but mostly looking for love. These three are a lot more similar than they would each care to believe, but Rebecca proved she’s just as cunning as the lawyers-in-waiting by agreeing to harbor their secrets if Laurel and Michaela stopped gossiping about Wesbecca. (Truth: We need a much better name if I’m supposed to put my faith into this couple.)


With just two weeks until the Night of the Flying Cheerleader, the legal proceedings this week focused on Lila murder suspects Rebecca and Griffin as they went under the magnifying glass in court. The new evidence: an anonymous witness revealed that Griffin and Rebecca had sex, thereby shattering Griff’s virgin pact (and Rebecca’s G-spot) and suggesting Rebecca could have manipulated Griff into killing Lila as part of a love triangle gone wrong. Annalise thinks the “anonymous witness” was a leak that came from either Griffin’s defense (Greg Germann from Ally McBeal) or the D.A. (Bird Lady from Orange Is the New Black) and thusly demands a gag order, which prevents anyone involved from speaking out publicly about the case. And for likely the second time in Lila Stangard’s life, gagging is involved.

But the bigger shake-up is Griffin’s defense requesting that Dead Girl Lila’s body be exhumed to investigate what looks like fingernail punctures on her neck, which, I’m sorry, were supposedly ignored in the first autopsy? Of a murder victim? Isn’t that surely the kind of thing that you actively look for when you’re poking and peeling away DGL? Like, “Hey, Brandt, maybe we should look at her neck. What are these little red marks?” “Oh ignore those, I doubt they’re worth mentioning, plus I want to get out of here before Buffalo Wild Wings closes so let’s put some speed on it.” “Okay, but don’t you think she looks pregn—” “Brandt what did I just say.”

Annalise’s office tries everything to stop the second autopsy—discrediting the expert, using Lila’s mother, and even having Rebecca violate the gag order by claiming Griffin raped her (which wisely forced the D.A. office to disavow themselves from striking a plea deal with Griffin’s people). But thanks to all the shuffle about the broken gag order and the many problems revealed in the original autopsy, the judge determines that Lila’s body must be exhumed for a second look.

And boy, good thing they dug her back up, because it turns out those red marks were just bug bites! Phew! Glad that’s all over.

Oh, and Lila is pregnant. LOL.

Six weeks pregnant, no less, and given that Sam and Lila were hooking up all summer long, chances are it was probably Sam’s little demon love-child. (Again, how did they miss A PREGNANCY in the original autopsy?) Bonnie is the one who drops the news to Sam and Annalise, and it’s quite the devastating announcement for Annalise to hear considering that she has slowly been letting Sam back into her life, little by little. But Lila’s pregnancy doesn’t just ruin the mood in the Keating house—it’s going to be a hot topic in court, and with Griffin supposedly a virgin (when it comes to Lila), the D.A. is just footsteps away from finding that DGL’s fallen fetus belongs to Mr. Darcy. And they’ll learn just who Mr. Darcy is, if Rebecca has anything to do with it.

NEXT: “He wanted to kill me. I had no other choice. I had to kill him, or he was gonna kill me.”