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How I Met Your Mother recap: Is Robin ready to get back together with Barney?

Last week’s cliffhanger wraps up, and the box to end all boxes is discovered

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Sometimes there’s an episode of TV that just leaves you feeling satisfied. While last week’s cliffhanger left us with gaping mouths, clutching our remotes in horror as Ted, out of the blue, told Robin he loved her, this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother tied itself up in a neat little bow. Kind of.

Picking up right where we left off last week, Ted continues his effusive love confession to Robin, explaining that they’re great together even five years after they officially ended. Personally, I could have used my own slap bet at this point to give a fierce one straight to Ted’s chubby little cheek. Come on. Enough!

Ted leaves Robin to give her some time to consider his confession. She needs, oh, about two minutes before she’s back down in their apartment, knocking on his bedroom door and planting a big, fat one on him. Full disclosure: If the Ted and Robin romance had continued, it would be with a heavy heart that I continued watching this relationship beelining for more heartbreak and regret.

Robin and Ted are trying to wrap their minds around their new confessions of love when Robin’s arch nemesis, Patrice, knocks on the door. Apparently, the two need to hightail it to the airport to catch a train to Russia where they’re covering a butter festival for World Wide News. Yes, though Robin referred to Patrice as her arch nemesis, this was the first time we were meeting Patrice. Wouldn’t you love to know how this feud came about, especially since you love a feisty Robin? See: Laura Bell Bundy’s Becky from season 5.

With Robin now gone, Ted calls Marshall to demand a morning powwow to debrief him on what just transpired. Marshall rouses Lily, and they’re treated to a delightful and unexpected surprise of a third bedmate spooning them. It’s Barney, who ended up in the suburbs after a maddening night on the drunk train.

Marshall heads out to meet Ted, but is followed closely behind by Lily. Clad in very skimpy bedroom attire, she’s trying to trying escape from a hungover and leering Barney. As she heads off, she warns Barney to keep out of their stuff. Barney’s interpretation? Find. A. Sex. Tape. Surely there must be one! So he calls his housekeeping minions and as they tear the house top to bottom, he finds something much, much better: Long-Term Bets, a box Lily and Marshall have filled with bets they have placed over the years (Marshall bets Lily that Robin will never return their hairdryer; Lily bets Marshall that Ted will go bald; it goes on). Consider the jackpot hit.

Over at McLaren’s, Ted is recounting to Lily and Marshall what just happened with Robin. Readers, one thing that I loved about this scene was showing the two interpretations of Robin’s departing words of “We’ll continue this when I get back,” to Ted. In Ted’s mind, Robin said it in a sultry, suggestive way, but Lily points out that Ted could be remembering it the way he wants to, and Robin could actually have put it much more cautiously. How many of you felt like this scene was plucked from your own life and thrown onscreen? It’s all in the intonation…

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