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How I Met Your Mother recap: Will Barney and Quinn end up together?

Barney gets played by Karma, Robin gets stuck in suburbia, and Ted finds his inner artist 

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I should have learned after seven and a half seasons that How I Met Your Mother is always looking for ways to surprise me. Yet, every time, the show catches me off guard, usually eliciting a gasp from my lips. Tonight’s episode threw me for a fast one again when, in the last few minutes, we learn Lily and Marshall are moving back into their old apartment, and Ted has moved out. Do we laugh? Do we cry? Argh, I don’t know!  Watching Lily and Marshall walk into Ted’s empty apartment gave me one of those confusing feelings where I wasn’t sure whether to throw my hands up in joyous celebration or clutch my chest in horror. And I have to admit…not knowing felt kind of, well, nice. If a show can deliver one of those moments where a viewer feels a mix of conflicting emotions, then I’ve got to believe they must be doing something right.  While we sit and ponder the endless amount of questions this move creates, let’s go back to the beginning and take it from the top.

Or should I say topless because things kicked off with Barney and Ted getting lap dances at The Lusty Leopard. No, sorry to anyone who just got momentarily excited, there were no topless strippers hanging from any poles, but there was a very scantily clad Quinn (Becki Newton) making her second appearance as Barney’s love interest.

For those who may not remember, we were first introduced to Quinn two episodes ago when Barney met her at a bar while he was playing wingman to Ted. Although we learned at the end of the episode Quinn also doubled as Karma – a stripper at the Lusty Leopard – Barney had yet to find out that his new crush and his old stripper were one and the same…until now. While Barney and Ted are getting lap dances, Barney looks up, sees Quinn wrapped around a stripper pole and BAM! Connection made.

But let’s put the strippers on hold for a second and head over to the land of Snuggies, croquet mallets and giant tubs of Rocky Road ice cream, a.k.a. East Meadow, Long Island. After moving out of Ted’s apartment last week, Robin headed across the river to take up residence with Lily and Marshall in suburbia. Despite rooming in a very adorably decorated guest room (I mean, seriously, did anyone notice how lovely that room was? Those shams!), life in Long Island is filled with an overly watchful Lily and Marshall taking macramé classes, power walking in matching track suits, frequenting a restaurant called The Gravy Gutter, and trying very hard to conceal from Robin how lonely life outside the city is for them.

Readers, I’m the biggest Lily and Marshall fans in the world, but I was just itching for something more exciting to happen to them this episode than being saddled with a fairly boring storyline. Granted, we got it at the end, but it felt like a long journey to get there.

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