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How I Met Your Mother recap: Will Ted and Robin repair their friendship?

Quinn and Barney get hot and heavy, but appearances can be deceiving…

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How I Met Your Mother

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Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders

An evil mastermind plot, a healthy dose of drama and a surprise twist. Ah yes, it must be the How I Met Your Mother time of the week.

After two very long and agonizing weeks of repeats, thank goodness our favorite New Yorkers were back tonight to dish out a heaping of broaths and bromance, with a splash of Quinntervention. Confused? Fear not, let’s recap away!

It’s springtime in the city and love is in the air, so much so that Barney summons Ted over to his apartment to take part in a broath, which, I must confess, I thought to be a pure stroke of genius. While monks chanted “Brooooooo” from surrounding speakers, Barney asks Ted to don a “brobe.” Why all the theatrics? Because Barney is finally ready for the gang to meet Quinn, the fabulous, stripping Becki Newton we were introduced to a few episodes back. But before he can allow the aforementioned meeting to occur, he asks Ted to engage in the sacred broath: “I, Ted Evelyn Mosby,” Barney asks Ted to repeat, “solemnly swear not to tell our friends that Quinn is stripper.” Right, like we ever thought that oath would be upheld seeing as how this crew keeps secrets about as infrequently as they drink at MacLaren’s. Sure enough, cut to Ted bursting into MacLaren’s and screeching, “Barney’s dating a stripper who’s gonna steal all his money!” Exactly.

The gang begins to prep for the dinner party in Lily and Marshall’s apartment. Yes, I said apartment and not house. That’s because last episode Ted gave his stomping grounds back to Lily and Marshall as he opted to make a new start. He’s currently staying in university housing and has befriended three lovable loners named Ned, Martin and Millie. (I love it. I really do.) But lest we forget, Robin is also currently homeless and has taken up with Patrice. Robin and Ted battle for an apartment throughout the episode, but I’ll get to that in a second.

The crew heads over to Quinn’s to finally meet the mystery girl that Barney has been gallivanting around with and there we learn all about Quinn. Like how she won’t let Barney pee (“You peed three hours ago!”), calls him an idiot, and has turned him into her own personal sommelier. I’ll be subtle for those of you who know how this episode ends, but I was totally buying into Quinn’s badgering, and even found myself wrinkling my nose in disgust at Barney’s submissiveness. However, the fact that Barney’s totally whipped is not the only thing that was unearthed during the dinner party: Quinn and Barney are moving in together, hence leaving Quinn’s apartment up for grabs, hence the potential opportunity for either Robin and Ted to vacate their temporary accommodations for a more permanent pasture.

NEXT: Head for the hills! It’s a Quinntervention!