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How I Met Your Mother recap: Expecting and the unexpected

The gang celebrates Thanksgiving — with several surprises

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How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother

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In television, there are twists and then there are cover-your-mouth-in-shock-as-you-gasp twists, and tonight’s How I Met Your Mother delivered the latter with a side of “Holy crap.”

So, Robin is pregnant, guys. Has that sunk in yet? Didn’t think so. It might take a bit. While we give it some time, let’s go back to the beginning of the episode.

So, we picked up what one can only assume is not too long after last week’s Barney and Robin drama. (I’ll let you all debate exactly how long — at least a month, right? Bah! Again, all you.) Barney was still struggling with the shock of Robin’s betrayal, and Ted was being Ted, a.k.a. everyone’s best friend in misery. That’s sort of what I love about Ted, even if he has nothing too recent to lament (the pumpkin was weeks ago, Ted!), he’s always there to make sure no one sulks in peace. Call him a downer. I call him a pal.

Anyway, as the drinks flowed like innuendos from Barney’s mouth, Ted and Barney began pondering parenthood…together. Or, bro-parenting, which, to them, sounded like the ideal situation. Madden, pizza, a little happy, some cuddle-free sleep, and the satisfaction of having a little person to call your own. Cool, right? Sorry, wrong word. I meant, crazy. And yes, it was. Hey, they were going through a tough time. Haven’t you ever wanted to adopt a child in a time of emotional dissatisfaction and peril? Ha…ha…heh… Well, some of us have.

Meanwhile, in a saner realm, Lily and Marshall began once again considering moving to the suburbs. But this time, it wasn’t Lily’s pregnancy brain talking — it was her normal one. (Side note: I love how we’ve been slowly seeing Lily belly-up. I found it slightly more noticeable tonight than in recent episodes. Am I crazy?) Soon, she had Marshall convinced, too. They wanted a house their kids could grow up in — and that they could later smash with sledgehammers, as a family.

When they got back to their apartment in New York, it became apparent to them (ironically, by way of delusion) that they had outgrown their current living space and no amount of carb-cutting would remedy it. Robin, however, was not pleased to hear this. In fact, she got downright weird. And I’m not talking Pregnancy Dream Weird, officers. I’m talking completely un-Robin. Of course, as I did not anticipate what was to come, I immediately assumed this was more Robin-evolution.

By the time Lily and Marshall took Robin to the house in the suburbs and she locked herself in their downstairs bathroom, I was utterly perplexed by her behavior. Thankfully, Marshall said something on behalf of all of our brains, telling her that she was not the type to lock herself in a bathroom. “Maybe I just need you guys more than you think,” she said. “Is this about more than us moving?” he asked, to no reply.

It was a short moment, but I really enjoyed seeing Marshall in that light — the supportive friend. We often see him as Marshall the romantic or Marshall the bro or Marshall the aspiring Ghostbuster, but it was nice to see him as Marshall the friend to Robin. It’s nice to see him in a mature light every now and then. The whole thing made me want to give him a big Marshmallow hug.

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