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''House'': No pain, no gain

On ”House,” an unfeeling patient gets dewormed; plus, sparks fly between House and Cuddy, and Cameron makes Chase an offer he can’t refuse

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House, Lisa Edelstein


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”House”: No pain, no gain

Nothing says ”love” like a 25-foot tapeworm. Of all the gross-out medical emergencies that have been featured on the show (eyeballs popping from their sockets, exploding scrotums), I have to say, getting a stringy parasite pulled out of your intestines as you are fully conscious and watching has to rank among the most unpleasant and outrageous. Especially with a nosy nurse recording your ordeal on her cell phone camera. Seeing that metal scrap sticking out of the incredible, unbreakable Wonder Girl Hannah and her second-degree burns wasn’t so great for the stomach, either.

But what else would you expect from House for the show’s Valentine’s extravaganza? Love was certainly not in the air as Cuddy was dumped by her blind Internet date, House (rather cutely) got jealous, Foreman coldly unloaded his girlfriend, and Cameron bluntly propositioned a befuddled-looking Chase. (”So, I think we should have sex.”) The only semi-healthy relationship currently on the show is the friendship between House and Wilson, who have no problems switching among morality-tinged lessons (”I’m tired of being your conscience”), sharing sandwiches, and dishing about transvestite nurses and the 11-fingered men who love them. Less healthy and increasingly hot is the chemistry between Cuddy and House (Couse? Huddy?), the latter of whom is accused of crushing on the boss lady. And props to the writers for finally revealing the hospital administrator’s specialty (endocrinology) and her unabashed enjoyment of sex. Go Cuddy!

All of the actors in the cast were on their game tonight, once again proving that House boasts one of the most impressive ensembles currently on TV. Hugh Laurie, whether having a misery-off with the CIPA (congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis) patient or gawking at Cuddy’s braless bosom, was caustically hilarious as usual, and each of the ducklings got significant screen time. While Foreman and his pink scrubs were clearly in the forefront for his relationship issues with Nurse Wendy, Chase proved himself by smartly suggesting incrementally increasing Hannah’s pain levels, and he stole the final scene with his beanie.

Even the POW was good, although I couldn’t help thinking she was a pale version of Heroes’ Claire Bennet. I suppose now that House has saved the cheerleader, he can move onto the world?

What did you think? Are there any ‘ships that you’re particularly looking forward to seeing? And what is up with the previews for the next episode?