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Homeland recap: 'Uh... Oh... Ah...'

Carrie breaks down over Saul’s betrayal, while Saul tries to follow the money trail behind the Langley bombing

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Homeland Recap
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After Saul threw Carrie under the bus last week, I figured there’d be no way Carrie would let him get away with it this week. I could just see it — Carrie banging down Saul’s front door, confronting him, tears streaming down her cryface, insisting he take her side — because a showdown between the show’s two major players (save for a missing Brody, of course) had to be inevitable. Instead, we don’t get a moment between the protege and her mentor until the final minute of tonight’s episode, “Uh…Oh…Aw.” And that intense frustration — for us, as an audience aching to see them duke it out, and for Carrie, as a burned agent intent on convincing someone, anyone, with her side of the story — propelled this latest hour of Homeland.

Carrie begins the episode by paying Saul a visit, only to find that he’s not home. A bewildered Mira greets her instead, obliviously asking, “Are you okay?” and mentioning the “incident” at the restaurant. Now even more pissed off than before, Carrie takes her story to the press, but fails to explain everything without confessing her role to the skeptical reporter. Just as she begins talking about Brody’s innocence, three security guards come to escort her out — not to the CIA, but to psychiatric detention.

“This is complete bulls–t,” Carrie cries as she walks away from the newsroom. “You know that right?”

No, Carrie, no one knows — not the reporter, not your doctor, not even your family. Because as soon as you went to the reporter, you became the CIA’s target, and an easy target to hit.

“I mean, I get it, someone tries to tell the truth, you counter by calling them crazy. I admire the move, it’s elegant, but it’s unnecessary,” Carrie insists, rambling it all off in one breath. She can’t win there, and she can’t win over her doctor about staying off her meds either: “They dull my head,” she says. “I miss things when I’m on them — miss as in not ‘yearn for them’ — but fail to see.”

But just as Carrie refuses to see the big picture about her meds, no one is willing to listen to her story.

Until Quinn steps in, that is. “S–t, Carrie,” he says, seeing her when he visits the hospital. “It’s f–ked up, I know, but it’s not going to get you out of here.” He warns her not to spill CIA secrets just to get revenge for what Saul did to her.

Meanwhile, Carrie’s father and sister start off on Carrie’s side, but a surprise visit from Saul changes (dare I say “manipulates”?) their minds. “I know both of you hate me right now, but I’m on her side,” he says, before revealing to them that Carrie went to a reporter. By the time the family attends her commitment hearing — with Quinn sitting in the back as a “character witness” — Carrie looks completely broken. Her face is ashen, her body’s limp, and when she’s just about to breathe a sigh of relief at the sight of her father and sister, she’s knocked down again when they encourage her to take her meds. “I don’t need anyone telling me what to do,” Carrie tells them, echoing Lost‘s John Locke in the process.

By the end of the hearing, Carrie chooses to run away, only to be blocked by the orderlies. As she’s taken away, she cries, “This is a f–king sham.” Trust me, Carrie: I’m just as frustrated to see you dismissed so easily. What’s Saul’s plan with all this?

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