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Heroes Reborn recap: June 13 (Part Two)

Angela and Hiro get stuck in the past, and Noah tries to stop stepping on too many butterflies.

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Heroes Reborn

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When last week’s episode ended, we all thought Heroes Reborn had just retconned the first half of the season. Well, it turns out that wasn’t entirely the case. “June 13 (Part Two)” spent most of its time moving pieces around to make sure the present that Noah and Hiro left is almost the same one to which Noah returns at the end of the hour. 

We pick up right where part one left off. Past Noah tries to stop Future Noah from assassinating Erica, but Future Noah still manages to get a shot off that ends up hitting Erica in the leg. In the confusion, Quentin pulls her into the stairwell he was hiding in and threatens to let her die if she doesn’t tell him where his sister is. Ever the criminal mastermind, Erica flips the tables on him and says that he’ll never see his sister again if she dies, so Quentin agrees to help her. 

The two Noahs, Molly and Caspar rush into another hospital room and recap everything that happened to Claire in last week’s episode. To avoid stepping on anymore butterflies, they decide Future Noah and Molly need to find Hiro so that he can send Noah back to the right time. In the meantime, Caspar will wipe Past Noah’s memory to protect the twins. As they get ready to head back to the Summit, Harris shows up, knocks Caspar out, and captures Noah. 

Past Noah refuses to tell Harris about Claire, so Harris brings in telepath Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) to help. Since we last saw him in Heroes, Matt has sold his power to the highest bidder, Renautas. Using his powers, Matt finds out everything that happened to Claire; however, the interrogation is cut short when a penny rolls into the room and wipes Noah’s memory. Caspar knocks Harris out and frees Noah after Matt’s conscience gets the best of him and he lets them go. From there, they head back to the Summit, where Caspar erases Noah’s memory and leaves him in the rubble where we found him in “Brave New World.”

(ASIDE: If I’ve figured this out, Caspar’s power involves storing people’s memories inside those pennies? END ASIDE).

While recovering from her gunshot wound, Erica receives a call from Hachiro, who doesn’t understand why the news is reporting that Hiro had a hand in the attack because he just imprisoned him inside Evernow. Erica tells him not too worry and thanks him for his service. After they hang up, Erica tells Harris to send one of his clones to Japan to kill Hachiro and the other to find the second Hiro. Hachiro realizes something fishy is going on when he’s locked out of Evernow. So, he creates Katana Girl as a back door into the game to give Hiro his own hero. 

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While the world is reeling from the terrorist attack, Carlos, a.k.a. Sgt. Gutierrez, is being questioned by a commanding officer about his role in the firefight with the Taliban. One of his fellow soldiers, Farah (#WereAllConnected), lies and says that Carlos was responsible for saving the rest of the unit after the Taliban killed two American soldiers. In truth, Farah used her invisibility powers to save them, but she’s too afraid of what might happened if she tells the truth. “If you’re uncomfortable with an honor you don’t deserve, live up to it,” Farah sternly tells Carlos when he complains about having to take credit for something heroic she did. (So, this is why Carlos felt so ashamed in the premiere.) Farah decides to leave the military and to rejoin the company she used to work for. You know, The Company. 

Back in Tokyo, Hachiro tells Katana Girl that the reason she can’t remember anything is because she was in an accident. Yes, her primary purpose is to save Hiro, but it’s clear that bringing his daughter to life is another chance for Hachiro to find closure. After thanking her for putting a smile back on his face, Hachiro hands himself over to Harris.

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