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Heroes Reborn recap: Game Over

Hiro Nakamura makes his triumphant return to help save the world.

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Heroes Reborn

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Jack Coleman, Zachary Levi, Ryan Guzman

As tonight’s title suggests, Heroes Reborn is done playing games. For most of this season Heroes Reborn has felt like its been working with one hand tied behind its back, never really living up to its potential. But, tonight’s episode, “Game Over,” was all about untying that hand — freeing the Master of Time and Space, Hiro Nakamura — so that the show can finally have some fun. (Also, a game is literally ended in the episode).

The ending of “Game Over” feels like it finally closes the book on the often-incoherent and messy part one and propels us forward into a hopefully more fun and engaging part two Let’s see how we get there. 

The opening of “Game Over” jumps between two torture scenes. In Midian, Noah is torturing Mr. Harris in a pool while Quentin and Taylor watch, because torture is a spectator sport. And in California, the land of chill, Carlos loses his chill and uses the Jack Bauer method to force Capt. Dearing to reveal his nephew’s location. Because this is TV, torture works in both instances. Dearing reveals that Jose was taken someplace called Sunstone Manor, and Mr. Harris tells Quentin that Phoebe is on her way back from Canada, promises to take Noah and Quentin to where Hiro Nakamura is being held, and tells Taylor where she can find Francis. 

What’s interesting about this opening sequence is how it kind of contradicts Heroes Reborn’s ethos. Prior the series premiere, creator Tim Kring told The Daily Beast. that the original show was a statement on Bush-era politics, which you can tell he was kind of against. So, it’s funny in troubling kind of way to find him using torture as a plot device here to move the story along. But, let’s go with it because the story is actually moving. 

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As Noah, Quentin and a subdued Harris make their way to the holding facility, Miko heads inside Evernow and starts traveling toward the in game version of said facility, and Ren provides support from a nearby cafe. Inside the game, an avatar created by Miko’s father informs her that she must free the Master of Time and Space. Unfortunately for her, Richard and his scientists are actively working against her. First, they re-program Evernow so that the fortress is hidden, and then they post a giant guard outside of it just in case Miko somehow manages to find it. A skilled multi-tasker, Richard also takes time to explain to Erica (and the audience) that Miko can’t possibly be Hachiro Otomo’s daughter because she died in a car crash. Which means this Miko is a creation that originated in the game. 

Unable to find the fortress in the game, Miko returns to the real world, and she and Ren decide to find the fortress’ real-world analog instead, which just happens to be where Noah, Quentin, and Harris are heading. As Harris helps his captors pass by security unharmed, Miko and Ren take out the big samurai guarding the fortress in the game. Miko has to continue in the game alone because Ren’s laptop dies and he’s forced to infiltrate Renautas on his own. 

While all of this is happening, Luke is hanging out on a dock and decides to buy a boat  The lumber truck carrying Malina from happens to drop her off right in front of said dock, because fate. Malina arrives just in time to witness Luke’s attempt to commit suicide by strapping on a backpack filled with cinder blocks and jumping into the water. Obviously, she can’t just stand by and watch a fellow evo try to end his life. So, she uses her still undefined, but possibly Storm- and/or Captain Planet-esque powers to save him. To put it another way, Luke’s game of Life is far from over. 

[Recap readers: Start listening to “Purpose” from Avenue Q now.]

Once he’s recovered from his near-death experience, Luke explains to Malina that he tried to end his life because he no longer had a purpose for living. Coincidentally, Malina has a lot of purpose — you know, saving the world — and isn’t supposed to share. She tells him she’s worried she won’t be able to complete her mission because it depends on her finding a boy whose picture was in the bloody envelope Farah gave her before dying. As fate would have it, Luke “knows” the boy she’s tasked to find and where he is: It’s Tommy. 

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