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'Heroes Reborn' recap: 'The Lion's Den'

Something big is heading toward Earth, and Tommy finds out some shocking news.

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John Medland/NBC

Heroes Reborn

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Jack Coleman, Zachary Levi, Ryan Guzman

Yes, Heroes Reborn finally revealed what this season’s big apocalyptic event is! Basically, the world will soon be defenseless against a wave of solar radiation, which has the potential to wipe out 96 percent of Earth’s population. Naturally, there are some who are trying to stop this from happening, like Malina, and others who want it to happen because they’re crazy and evil (looking at you Erica). 

This revelation doesn’t come until the end of the episode. Before we get there, Heroes Reborn dishes out its usual level of exposition-heavy dialogue and heavy-handed talk about destiny and saving the world. Tommy becomes aware of his destiny but has a surprising reaction to it. Meanwhile, the tables turn on Capt. Dearing. 

St. Pierre, Quebec: 

Farah and Malina are still on their journey to…someplace. Because this is Heroes Reborn, the details are still a bit fuzzy. Malina’s also kind of confused about what’s going on. She knows how important saving the world is but isn’t sure how she’s supposed to do it. All Farah tells her is that she’ll be ready when the time comes. 

While Malina sits and waits for her in an abandoned farm or some kind of mill, Farah goes off to meet a contact. The contact never shows up, which worries her, and she rushes back to Malina. Unfortunately, one of Harris’ clones and some goons follow her back and try to capture Malina. Their first attempt fails, and Malina and Farah manage to escape. However, Renautas catches up to them again, and this time they’ve bought backup: Phoebe. 

Malina tries to use her powers to defend them, but Phoebe’s umbramancing prevents her. The how and why aren’t explained and probably won’t be for some time, which is rather frustrating. To make matters worse, Farah is shot as they try to escape and can’t go much further. Before sending Malina off on her own, she gives her an envelope that supposedly holds all the answers. (What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on that envelope to figure out what’s going on.) Anyway, Malina escapes and hides on a truck that will hopefully take her where she needs to go. Somehow she has the willpower to not open the envelope immediately. 

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East Los Angeles, Calif.: 

There isn’t much going on the West Coast, to be honest. Carlos returns to the garage and realizes that his nephew and Father Mauricio have been taken. Obviously, Capt. Dearing was behind this, so his first stop is LAPD’s precinct. There, he demands to speak to Capt. Dearing and tells the on-duty officer that the good captain kidnapped Jose and the priest. Dearing blows it off and doesn’t even bother going out to see Carlos. 

Unfortunately for Dearing, packages containing Renautas’ E.P.I.C. glasses arrive, and his partners immediately identify him as an evo. The days and nights they spent kidnapping and torturing other evos clearly didn’t mean much because his partners don’t even hesitate before tranquilizing him. They get ready to transport him to wherever they take their other evos, but Carlos, sporting his new El Vengador suit ambushes the transport vehicle and takes Dearing for himself. 

Rochester, N.Y.: 

Still alone, Luke returns to his and Joanne’s home in New York. The trip down memory lane he takes as he watches old family videos and contemplates his multitude of sins wouldn’t work at all if it weren’t for Zachary Levi, who is such an emotional actor that it makes you care about almost anything he cares about. 

After four episodes, we finally start to learn a little bit more of Luke’s backstory. Turns out he was a doctor, which is ironic considering that he took an oath to do no harm but spent most of the past year doing the exact opposite. Sulking about his empty home makes him decide it’s time to atone for what he’s done. First, he calls his old partner and asks to cash out of the practice, and then he burns down his house, leaving his past behind him, and takes off for parts unknown.

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