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Heroes Reborn recap: 11:53 to Odessa

Story lines converge as some of the heroes jet 8,000 years into the future.

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Heroes Reborn

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The world was not saved during the fall finale of Heroes Reborn tonight. Gotta hold something back for the last three episodes, right? But we did see some story lines merge and a few characters show signs of growth in this episode.

Let’s start with the Bennet roadtrip.

The action picks up in the immediate aftermath of the ice cream parlor shootout/flameoff. (Lemme tell ya, I used to live in Carbondale, Ill., and we’d have been lucky to have an ice cream parlor that charming, even if it were singed and riddled with memory-erasing pennies.) Noah’s hustling Malina out of there, and Luke trails them like a lost puppy, offering to help. Noah is deeply skeptical of this 30-something man who recently met his daughter and now won’t leave her side. Despite Luke’s earnest protests that he’s no longer an evo murderer, Noah tells him to bounce.

On the drive, Malina asks Noah about her mother, and he lights up as he talks about Claire. “Tough. But thoughtful. She always rooted for the underdog. Stubborn,” he says, ever the proud father. “You remind me of her.” Awww, poor grieving HRG.

When the duo stops for gas, Noah notices a tail. “Nice product placement!” he greets Luke. (Okay, fine, he compliments Luke’s car.) Luke again turns on the pleading puppy-dog eyes to offer his help. He’s pushing so earnestly and so hard for atonement and acceptance that even though we know he’s had a change of heart, I almost go around the bend to not trusting him again. Noah apparently feels similarly because they yet again leave Luke behind.  

Malina and Noah hit a snag when an apocalyptic storm, presumably brought about by polarity problems, stops all traffic on the highway. Malina steps up to get her X-Men Storm on. Thankfully, she doesn’t ask what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning.

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As she’s trying to quell the storm, a car gets flung onto the freeway on a collision course with Noah. Nooo! But at the last minute, a black-clad arm zips into the frame to whisk him away. It’s not clear whose hand it is, but oh, how I want it to believe it’s somehow Hiro’s. The loss of his powers was a blow. In the original series, he treated his newfound abilities with such glee, such unmitigated joy. Yes, he’s lived the last 15 years without them, raising a son and generally demonstrating maturity, stability, and other types of positive character development. But a nonpowered Hiro feels a little empty, and here’s hoping we didn’t see the zapper here so we can be surprised when somehow Hiro’s powers get reset. (Um, if he’s still alive at all, that is.)

Anyway, Malina succeeds in calming the storm, and because people are terrible, they immediately start blaming her for the weather and threatening her with guns. Thankfully, Luke’s there with his fingers of fire to get her safely away. She only leaves once she accepts that the only thing she can find of Noah are his crushed glasses.

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