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Here's who deserves to win everything

Here’s who deserves to win everything. Jessica Shaw says, Bye Bye Julia. It’s time for the big boys to shine

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We gave it a D

Here’s who deserves to win everything

We?re officially at that point of ”American Idol” where it?s time to get rid of the excess fat. No, that?s not a sizist comment, because if anything, the more plus-sized you are this year, the more compelling. I mean that the remaining finalists can neatly be divided into two camps: the ones who could become an American Idol and the ones who don?t have a chance in hell.

Let?s start with those headed home: Julia DeMato, first and foremost. Honey, could you have looked more miserable up there singing the ”Flashdance” theme? The great Gladys Knight (who, by the way, is a far better judge than Paula Abdul ever was) was right in saying she couldn?t believe in you until you did.

Aside from Julia, who will no doubt be sent back to the CT hair salon Wednesday, let?s be blunt. Charles is a cutie but is just not good enough. Corey is way pimp sexy and certainly the finalist most likely to be fantasized about, but he always sounds a little off-key. Carmen is adorable but she should focus on choosing a prom dress and re-entering the competition in three years.

I?m 50/50 on Josh the Marine, Kimberly Caldwell, and Rickey. I genuinely like their voices and they absolutely have stage presence, but when they?re competing against powerhouses, well, let?s just say an A performance isn?t an A+. If they were competing against Ejay, from last year, it would be an entirely different story.

So who?s left? The four who I predict will be the last ones standing: Clay, Ruben, Trenyce, and Kimberley Locke. I taped the show and watched Kimberley?s stunning performance three times in a row. I haven?t done that since Tamyra blew me away last year. Trenyce seemed a little skanky to me in her songs up till now — she was always strutting on stage in some see-through number — but she absolutely outclassed everyone on the show with that Whitney number.

As for Clay and Ruben (who, let?s face it, will be the final two), what is there to say? Is there a soul on this planet who doesn?t absolutely, unequivocally love these two? Their voices consistently blow all of us — and the judges — away. Luckily, I have no doubt we?ll be hearing from these two well into May.

What did you think of the show? Post your comment, and we’ll publish the best ones in our Thursday ”American Idol” column on EW.com.