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Guilt recap: Exit Wounds

It turns out social media can be your friend

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Emily Tremaine, Jorge Leon Martinez, Cristian Solimeno

Hell hath no fury like internet commenters (except EW’s, of course; you rock).

Grace Atwood’s Twitter page — perhaps not coincidentally, the real account shown is a private page that launched in May of this year — has become a sounding board for web bullies, and because she simply can’t ignore them or even turn off the constant bing-bong noise of her notifications, the feedback is driving her a little nuts. But good old Grace knows an opportunity when she sees it, then, doesn’t she?

Meanwhile, Patrick Ryan’s somehow survived the incident at the Lindley house, but the trouble’s far from over for him… or is it? And Roz, well, she’s proving herself to be quite the little master manipulator herself.

Here’s a character-by-character breakdown of who’s guilty of what this week.

Grace Atwood

At this point, it’s getting pretty hard to take this girl at face value, and no one knows that better than Stan Gutterie, her own attorney. Maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t think apples fall far from the tree — even stepdad trees — or maybe it’s just that he’s been in the legal defense business long enough to read between the lines of what a client’s saying out loud. Whatever it is, though, he feels sure she’s pulling the long con on everyone, up to and including her own earnest sister, and Grace’s behavior this week does nothing but confirm that suspicion for him.

Grace, who’s been pummeled with accusations on social media after being dubbed an #AmericanPsycho for her perceived nonchalance after Molly’s tearful memorial service last week, appears to be taking all the virtual criticism and accusations to heart. She’s not sleeping well, and she’s even steering clear of her boyfriend, Luc, to avoid the media frenzy that would inevitably follow them if they spent any time together again.

Natalie, oh she of endless naiveté when it comes to her baby sister, offers up her own sleeping pills as a solution, but that backfires in a big way when Grace downs almost an entire bottle and winds up in the hospital, having her stomach pumped to avoid joining the growing body count this mess has produced. She swears to her adoring sis that she wasn’t trying to harm herself — she just lost count of how many pills she’d taken — but then her next act, done while sending sister dearest on a miles-away run for a special brand of banana smoothie, confirms there’s definitely more to her than meets the eye.

Instead of slinking into whatever bit of anonymity might be possible for her amidst the chaos, Grace uses her hospital bed as a live-feed platform to declare her innocence — at least where Molly Ryan’s death is concerned. She does admit to a few other unrelated wrongdoings, like bedding her best friend’s boyfriend back in high school and shoplifting some nail polish. But killing her roommate? She swears it didn’t happen. “I’ve made some major mistakes, but there’s one thing I didn’t do; I didn’t kill Molly Ryan. She was my friend. She knew all that crap about me and she still loved me,” she insists, adding a glass-house-ish plea for everyone to stop throwing stones at her, online or otherwise. And it works.

Not only does she exonerate herself in the court of public opinion, but she turns the narrative around altogether, and instead of being perpetually pelleted with insults, her phone’s now blowing up with supportive hashtag concoctions that help her finally (finally!) relax a little bit.

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Is it all just a game for Grace? She certainly plays Beatrice Lindley like a fiddle when she comes to her hospital room to exact her jealous wifely revenge, doesn’t she?

Guilt-O-Meter reading: 7 out of 10. It’s still just circumstantial evidence and hunches surrounding her right now, so no real reason to knock it up again…yet.

NEXT: She proves she’s got lots of tricks up her sleeves…