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Guilt recap: #AmericanPsycho

She’s the kind of girl who laughs at a funeral

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Emily Tremaine, Jorge Leon Martinez, Cristian Solimeno

And then there were two murder victims — possibly even three or four.

While searching out leads on Molly Ryan’s possible killer, our good detectives have discovered a long-buried, so-called suicide case that has a way-too-close-for-comfort-or-coincidence connection to one of our primary persons of interest.

Meanwhile, as the public’s consistently villainizing Grace in the media for being able to laugh through her tears at Molly’s memorial service — using a social media hashtag to salt the wound, no less — and such, there are others who are incriminating themselves on the sly but won’t be able to keep up their ruse of non-involvement for very long. Here’s a breakdown of who fits the title bill for Guilt right now.

Grace Atwood

Everyone else is focusing on the fact that she and Luc shared a Molly backstory-centric giggle after her tearful eulogy at the memorial service. Is it distasteful? Sure, but grief is a weird thing and people express it differently, so it’s hardly the most eyebrow-raising Grace activity of the week.

What’s more troublesome is her damning travel vlog violence against Molly. Stan’s received a little blackmail action from someone — Grace suspects Stephanie, identifiable as “the skank with bad ombre,” someone she’d loaned their videos to for editing — and it definitely doesn’t look good for Grace. In the vid, she’s seen swiping Molly’s phone and questioning her about why “he’s” texting her like that… before she starts punching her and calling her nasty names. The “he” in question is none other than James, her stepfather, who she claims was simply trying to figure out a good birthday present idea for her, but even Natalie’s wearing an expression that says “yeah right” on that one. (Thankfully for her, that little tidbit didn’t make it to the press, yet, because otherwise she’d be toast — probably even in handcuffs right now.)

Which brings up another good point: Grace and James are tight right now. They even happily share an attorney and can find pleasure in the small things, still, like fancy dinners out and new mini-purses from the boutique, which is kind of bizarre, given the situation, right? And if he’s half the scumbag Natalie says he is, why is Grace so quick to turn a blind eye to the guy? Do we really believe her “oh I’m so grateful he stepped in as Daddy even after Mom died” routine?

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Not to mention, Grace jumps at the first, limited-window opportunity she gets to sneak down to Molly’s as-yet-undiscovered-by-the-police storage unit and spring her necklace from its hiding place. She and Roz make it sound like the bauble was some kind of storage unit for illegal substances and that she was trying to protect the girl’s reputation by scooping it before our uniformed friends could, but the necklace looks really, really familiar for some reason. Could it be the same one Molly was wearing the night she was killed? It sure looks like it, but now it’s in Patrick’s possession, since he followed her down there (accepting her too-coolly-delivered excuse that she was just trying to gather old photos for the memorial presentation). Even still. Her willingness to potentially impede the investigation like this is as questionable as her effort to dodge the police during her and Luc’s thwarted trip to Paris last week.

Oh, oh, oh, and she’s been to one of Roz’s sex parties in a professional capacity (just once, supposedly), so there’s that, too.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: 7 out of 10. She jumps a few points for her bad behavior this week.

Luc Pascal

Luc’s right there in the thick of the mess as far as all the #AmericanPsycho chatter goes since, ya know, he was sharing the infamous laugh with her, but other than that, he stays relatively well away from the action this time. Bruno’s still giving him a hard glance based on his hunch that Molly’s unborn baby might just share his DNA (we’re still waiting on the lab results from that, it seems? Surely they’ve drawn a blood sample from him by now), but otherwise? Very little news on the Luc front.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: He stays at a 6 just because we still don’t know the true details of his history with Molly or Grace right now.

NEXT: Another of Molly’s friends has blood on her hands…