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Grimm recap: Rapunzel

When a drug dealer is found dead, evidence at the crime scene points to an unsolved missing persons case from Hank’s past

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Drama, Fantasy, Horror
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David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell
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“The enchantress was so hard-hearted that she banished the poor girl to a wilderness, where she had to live in a miserable, wretched state.”

Happy Holidays and Merry Grimming everyone! The opening quote  for this week’s episode, “Let Your Hair Down,” refers to the Brothers Grimm tale of Rapunzel. Much like last week’s 3 Little Pigs, I would bet that we’re all fairly comfortable with the nuts and bolts of the story. For the “fun facts and refreshers” file, though, Rapunzel was a Grimm adaptation of the tale “Persinette” by Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force — put THAT on a business card! In the story, a couple expecting their first child live next to a walled garden owned by an “Enchantress” which, of course, is polite table-talk for “mean, nasty witch.” As pregnant women are prone to do, the woman has a strange craving, in this case Rapunzel flowers. And as husbands of pregnant women are prone to do, the man does whatever it takes to satisfy her craving, in this case breaking in to the garden and taking the flowers.

The third time he does this he is caught by the enchantress and in desperation agrees to give up his unborn child in return for mercy — file under: “bad parenting” and “don’t try this at home.” Once she is born, the girl is raised by the enchantress who locks the girl in a tower with no door or staircase where she has little else to do besides be beautiful and grow a hard-core ponytail, as girls locked in towers are prone to do. Eventually she meets a prince, falls in love, hatches a scheme to escape and after a few minor obstacles — he’s blinded but apparently her tears cure that. File under: “better to be lucky than smart” — and they live happily ever after.

So with that in mind, the episode started with a pair of granolas taking a hike through the woods. They were looking for a secluded lake where they could have some sexy time but accidentally wandered into the camp of a marijuana grower. Lucky for them this happened in that order, because if they had been caught on their way back from Lake Naked, the rules would dictate that their characters die.

So there they were, face down in the dirt with a drug dealer/grower/entrepreneur pressing a shotgun to the backs of there heads. “I got $3 million growing up here,” he said, loading a cartridge into the chamber and preparing to fire. Before he pulled the trigger, however, he heard a noise from the woods and went to investigate at which point he was taken down by a length of hair wrapped Indiana Whip-style around his neck. I’ve heard that in the Grimm video game, the combo for that move is forward, forward, down, down, low kick — sidenote: to my knowledge there is no Grimm video game, that combo is actually Liu Kang’s “Human Flame.” Finish Him!

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