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Grimm recap: Bad Night

Black Claw continues to threaten Adalind, and Nick’s anger reaches an all-time high

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Scott Green/NBC


TV Show
Drama, Fantasy, Horror
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David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell
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In Season

With just two episodes left in the season, Grimm is gearing up for a crazy showdown between Nick and the gang and Black Claw. With Black Claw keeping Adalind and Kelly hidden and using them for personal gain, Nick’s determination to get his family back is about to set the inevitable war against Black Claw into motion.

In “Bad Night,” Adalind is still playing along with Black Claw, although she’s making her displeasure known. She’s being kept at the safehouse with Renard, Diana, and Kelly, which is heavily guarded by Black Claw members. The group’s leader, Conrad, is still being threatening, telling Adalind not to take it personally if they have to kill Nick. To make matters worse, Diana is proving why a child with incredible powers and unpredictable emotions is not such a great thing. She continues her creepy behavior by making Kelly float in the air and then using her mind power to make Adalind and Renard hold hands. I feel like she needs to be sent to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters immediately. Also being a total creeper is Renard, who hits on Adalind and continues to act like a sleazy, power-hungry jerk. Has he really turned into such an unsavory character?

While Adalind is busy playing the part of the supportive partner and mother to Renard’s children, the rest of the group have Zuri to worry about. With Hank asleep at her house, Zuri sneaks to the front door, lets a Black Claw member in, and gives him Hank’s phone. More shocking is the identity of said Black Claw member — it’s Tony! Yes, Rosalee’s druggie ex-boyfriend who had all of his fingers broken by Adalind several episodes back. We all knew he was going to pop up again to cause more trouble, and here he is.

Tony takes the phone to his car and uploads all of its contents onto a laptop. When he sneaks back into the house, he’s able to put the phone back in Hank’s jacket pocket, but he doesn’t make it out of the house without Hank grabbing him. The two men get into a fight, and Tony woges. Hank, being the badass he is, knocks him out and calls the police. Zuri acts like she has no idea what’s going on and has never seen this guy, but Hank seems to know something is suspicious because Tony took nothing from the house. After searching Tony’s car, which was full of pills and trash, Hank grabs the laptop to take to the station. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before Zuri is found out.

NEXT: Zuri gets busted, and the new mayor is announced