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Grimm recap: Inugami

Drama is brewing between Nick and Adalind and a certain long-lost character returns to Portland

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Scott Green/NBC


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Drama, Fantasy, Horror
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David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell
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This week’s episode of Grimm centers on a Japanese wesen tradition of honor and justice that, per the usual, turns deadly. We also get a whole lot of plot progression (finally) for all of our characters. The first half of this season was so incredible because it focused on one overarching story line. Not that the rest of the season hasn’t been good with all of its typical case episodes, but it feels like it’s time to get back to the major issues at hand here. With the season in the final stretch, we have a lot of things that need to progress and be addressed in a short period of time.

Let’s start with the case of the week. A teenage boy named Brian is left home alone when his parents head out for the night. He has been acting weird lately, like not answering the phone calls of his best friend, Roger. When Roger shows up at Brian’s house that night to try to talk to him, Brian refuses to let him in. All of a sudden, a hooded figure comes out of nowhere and abducts Brian from his home. The next thing we see is the hooded man woging and beheading Brian with a katana as he pleads for his life. That’s some pretty dark stuff, even for Grimm. RIP Brian.

It’s not long before Wu, Nick, and Hank are called to the scene. They find Brian’s head under a bridge near the river, and then later, his body buried standing up in the sand up to the neck. Who would go through the trouble of burying a body standing up? When the guys get word of a couple who have reported their teenage son missing, they pay them a visit.

The parents reveal that a few weeks ago, Brian and Roger were found guilty of criminal negligent homicide in the accidental shooting of their friend, Kuma. They were sentenced to only probation despite Kuma’s father (Jin) believing that it was no accident at all. When Nick tells the parents what has happened to Brian, they immediately blame it on Jin.

Later that day, Brian’s father takes it upon himself to go to Kuma’s parent’s house to confront Jim and blame him for murdering his son. Brian’s mother calls Nick and tells him what’s about to go down, but when Nick arrives, the dad is lying unconscious on the floor. It looks like Jin and Madoka are wesen — the same wesen that we saw kill Brian. It also doesn’t look good that they have a slew of swords displayed all over their house. It would be way too easy if they were the ones who killed Brian, though, so we’ll just keep waiting for a side character with just a few too many seconds of screen time to pop up.

Ah, there he is — Jin’s lawyer, Takeshi. Nick and Hank bring Jin into the station for questioning, but he has Takeshi with him helping to field questions. Jin swears he didn’t hurt Brian, and they’re ultimately forced to let him go since they have no evidence.

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