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Grimm recap: Royal Flush

Renard attempts to rid himself of his obsession with Juliette, while a new alliance forms in Vienna

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Scott Green/NBC


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Drama, Fantasy, Horror
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David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell
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After a couple episodes focused more on our Portland heroes’ story arcs, this week Grimm shifted back to procedural mode, putting Nick and Hank on the grisly case of murdered high school students.

But this episode, called “The Other Side,” was not without some forward momentum for the continuing stories of Juliette and Renard’s potion-induced obsession with each other and of Adalind’s return. Once the show established the group of ill-fated academic decathlon kids, it moved on to Nick and Juliette getting ready for a dinner in Renard’s honor – he received an award for his work with the Portland Police. A thank you from Nick to Juliette for accompanying him to a dinner he hopes isn’t too dull is met with Juliette’s response of, “Of course. This is what couples do – they go to each other’s boring work functions.”

So they’re a couple now? A couple that’s cool with exchanging casual kisses in front of Nick’s co-workers? How much time has passed since the end of last week’s episode? I thought the “What’s wrong?” “Me” moment meant another stall in rekindling their relationship. But Juliette seems to be cool with getting back on familiar terms with the boyfriend she has no memories of. And, hey, I don’t blame her at all – it’s about time she realizes the sweet, handsome, patient man in her house is really a good guy. But it just seemed like a sudden leap forward for them. I wonder if Nick is still sleeping on the couch.

Nick may feel like things are starting to get back to normal between the two of them, but what he doesn’t know is that he’s got some competition, thanks to the continuing effects of the kiss that broke Adalind’s spell on Juliette. It’s clear that Juliette still has thoughts of Renard even though she’s growing more comfortable with Nick again – there’s her forced smile when Nick tells her that his boss will be giving a long speech, and Renard and Juliette’s eyes repeatedly meet throughout that speech. And there’s no denying that Renard is still obsessed with her. He drives Juliette home from the dinner when Nick and Hank are called away to a case. Then the police captain sneaks into the house (really, Nick, you’re a cop and you’re dumb enough to hide the spare key in the most obvious place possible?) and spies on Juliette in the shower. I so, so wanted Nick to arrive home then and discover Renard in his bedroom. That would have been a fun encounter. But I guess we’ll have to keep waiting patiently for Nick to finally figure out that his boss is the Royal in Portland and that he’s harboring feelings for his girlfriend.

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