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Grimm recap: Pure of Heart

Nick gets stuck investigating himself as Grimm duties clash with cop ones, while Renard has a change of heart

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Scott Green/NBC


TV Show
Drama, Fantasy, Horror
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David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell
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In Season

If anyone thought having his mom around was going to make Nick’s Grimm life any easier, now’s the time to think again. The second episode of Grimm’s sophomore season has only proved that for Nick, having a maternal influence in his life is only going to make things more complicated – and messier.

In this episode, called “The Kiss,” Nick is assigned to not just one, but two cases that he and his mother are behind. Good thing Nick has some decent acting skills and quick thinking vis-à-vis gun retrieving and chucking – otherwise the FBI might have suspected him for lumbermill and Schade residence crimes! Oh, wait, they do suspect him. Still, Nick manages to brush aside any accusations related to the deaths of a Mauvais Dentes and a Hexenbiest at the hands of a couple Burkhardts. Forgive this longtime Supernatural fan for yet again comparing Grimm to the other monster-hunting show also (previously) relegated to Friday nights – I can’t help but think about what happened when Sam and Dean Winchester got on the bad side of the FBI: nothing good. Tread carefully, Nick Burkhardt, tread carefully.

I’ll be mourning the death of Catherine Schade. I can’t complain about getting to see some hand-to-hand combat between her and Kelly, but I’m going to miss her sly ways and that grotesque Hexenbiest face of hers.

As for Mr. Mauvais Dentes, I can’t say I’ll be missing him too much, but I have him to thank for a classic Kelly Burkhardt moment (can she have classic moments yet when she’s only been in three episodes?). How great was her face when she saw the body and severed arm hanging in the lumbermill? Mildly irritated, only slightly puzzled, no signs of shock or being grossed out at all. This woman has seen a lot of blood and guts in her day.

But enough with Kelly and Nick. Psshht, why waste time talking about the star of the show when we have someone far more fascinating to discuss? Captain Sean Renard, you mysterious creature. Finally we get learn a bit about you – and it turns out you are quite literally a creature.

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