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Grimm recap: When bees and social media collide!

Nick is forced to protect an enemy after bee venom kills a woman

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Scott Green/NBC


TV Show
Drama, Fantasy, Horror
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David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell
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In Season

Welcome back to another week of Grimm, everyone. Episode 3 began with a signature plot-hinting epitaph: “She’ll sting you one day. Oh, ever so gently, so you hardly even feel it. Til you fall dead,” a rather obscure reference from 1955’s “Queen Bee.” Then, after a very Fringe-ian opening sequence where a woman was killed by the lamest flash mob of all time, our favorite creature hunter and his trusty sidekick were called in to investigate yet another suspicious event.

Turns out, it wasn’t being elbowed in the face by over-exuberant Village People that did her in, but instead a fatal dose of bee venom. Nick noticed a puncture wound in the woman’s neck and after a quick trip to the friendly neighborhood coroner we learned it would have taken LeBron James with a stinger to produce the amount of venom that killed the woman.

Weird, right? So Nick — looking sharp in layered red and black — and Hank talk to a local beekeeper to get some information while the boys at the station track down the flash mob for questioning. Bee Man said the venom was natural, which would require the aforementioned King James Bee or tedious harvesting from a swarm. He also said he couldn’t determine the origin. Obviously since that information would cast suspicion on anyone in the area with a large swarm of bees — a bee keeper, perhaps? — Bee Man was quick to point out that he lacked the necessary equipment and was participating in a bee keepers conference with 12 of whom I assume are his very close friends.

NEXT: It’s a good thing he has powers, because he’d be useless without them