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Grey's Anatomy recap: We Gotta Get Out of This Place

Richard celebrates his birthday with the Halley’s Comet of surgeries, while Jackson and April are forced to evaluate their future together

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Greys Anatomy Recap
Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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Is there anyone better than Richard Webber? I’m going to say no. This man has been sharing his wisdom for years, and quite frankly, watching Richard nearly give up on life earlier this season was one of my least favorite storylines to date. Richard, as he stated last week, was and always will be “the chief.” So what was the chief up to tonight? Well for starters, it was his birthday! And to kick off the celebration, Hunt handed him a packet from the hospital, which asked the question, “Is it time to retire?” Let me take this one for you, Richard: Hell no.

Elsewhere in the hospital, this week was all about various trials and experiments. We will start with Meredith, who brought in a bio-engineer to help take her printer to the next level. Not surprisingly, she was feeling a little competitive with her husband’s government-funded project, and she was in full-on mama bear mode. At first, she was a little too Ellis-esque when it came to what she allowed the bio-engineer to do (spoiler: nothing), but eventually, she gave in. He was here to help, and she’s ready to change lives.

Meanwhile, Cristina was weeding through possible research subjects for her clinical trial. She had Shane meeting with patients and sending her nothing but information on the hearts. She didn’t want the individual patients to influence her decision. She was in full, well, Cristina mode. And as she looked through hearts, an idea came to her. This scientific method of deciding things was exactly what Hunt needed in order to find a woman. Now, if only there was a way to look at someone’s credentials without meeting them and decide if you were interested. Yep, Cristina was going to make Owen an online dating profile.

But you know who doesn’t need an online dating profile? Jackson and April, who were incredibly happy until Catherine Avery came stomping through the halls. She had some worries about this marriage. First things first, it was all about the Benjamins. She wanted April to sign a post-nuptial agreement, and only because she’s “better than everyone,” April agreed. It was actually a really cute moment between her and Jackson. I’m really enjoying them. For now though, they were going to let Catherine “stew.”

Getting back to the birthday boy, Bailey had stumbled into the greatest present of all time when she realized that her patient was in pain because he had absorbed his own twin in the womb! Now, he was a full-grown man with a little leg and a spinal column in his stomach. Now, that’s a lot better than a retirement package, is it not? Too bad Richard’s excitement about the discover backfired on him. The patient, having just found out he had a brother, decided he didn’t want the surgery. But that’s where being Richard Webber kicks in. Richard related to the patient — he too felt like he was being thrown out with Hunt’s retirement package — and came up with the idea to return the twin to the patient once it was extracted. And it seemed he had himself a deal.

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