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Grey's Anatomy recap: We Are Never Getting Back Together

The return of Preston Burke gives Cristina a new perspective, and a new job opportunity

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Seriously? Seriously. That just happened, and I have chills on my arms and tears in my eyes, and I refuse to stop watching that final scene between Cristina and Burke. I think it’s finally hitting me that she’s leaving, and also, nothing could’ve prepared me for reliving their chemistry. Preston Burke is one of the most powerful characters to every hit Grey’s, and his presence is something I have missed even more than I realized. Bringing Burke back was a brilliant, brilliant decision, and I’m way too emotional about it, so I have to stop talking and start recapping before this whole thing falls to pieces.

With a voiceover about finding a new perspective, Owen and Cristina were on their way to a board meeting when he told her that people all over the world were begging for a presentation on her conduits. The Cleveland Clinic wanted her, and more impressively, Zurich wanted her. But that matter would have to wait: Richard had called a board meeting to discuss the Harper Avery situation. You know, the one where no one from that hospital will ever win? Well, it was costing them funding and good doctors, like Dr. Russell, Cristina’s boss, who had just quit. Richard suggested that Cristina appeal the foundation’s decision. It was the only way the hospital stood a chance. Before giving an answer, Cristina fled to the elevator, where Meredith encouraged her to go to Zurich and get away for a bit. And after Cristina discharged the Heart family so that they could go home and heal, she realized that she also needed to get away to heal.

Elsewhere, April and Jackson met their “blueberry” of a child before abruptly being asked if they wanted to “terminate,” which put both of them in a funk. They said no, but they couldn’t focus on their marital problems for long, because Derek and Amelia were working together on a big surgery. More than 40 of the hospital’s doctors would be scrubbing in to help separate two 25-year-old twins who were conjoined at the head, and therefore shared a brain. Cooper girls, meet the Shepherd doctors. And yes, as Amelia pointed out, “Good-looking doctors run in the family.”

But with all of the surgeons in on the twin operation, Jo was left to run rounds for just about everyone else. And unlike her boyfriend, who was driving a fancy car and wearing a tie to a job that he loved, Jo was not having a good day. Juggling a million patients is never a good idea, and considering that the hour ended with Owen and Richard discussing firing a resident, I’d say it was pretty poor timing on Jo’s part. Although, let’s face it. Jo’s safe. (And hopefully Leah’s not!)

Speaking of safe, Braden was doing miraculously better this week. Nobody except Bailey knew why until Stephanie ran a few tests and figured out that Bailey had given him the enzyme against the parents’ wishes. Bailey claimed not to know what she was talking about, but sooner or later, that’s going to bite her, though hopefully not too hard considering how well little Braden is doing. Then again, knowing Grey’s, he could take a quick turn for the worse, and then this whole thing will blow wide open. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Away from all the stress, Cristina was enjoying her ridiculous hotel room in Zurich, with its giant-sized bed full of weird-shaped pillows. She and Meredith couldn’t exactly figure out the time-zone changes, so they were forced to communicate solely through voicemail. But Cristina’s second voicemail would be much more interesting than her first after her presentation went so … well? In the middle of her talk, Cristina was taking questions when suddenly, he spoke. She immediately recognized his voice, and within seconds, Preston Burke had stepped out of the darkness to thank Dr. Yang for her presentation. Turned out, he was the one who brought her here, because this was his hospital. He hadn’t put his name on the invitation, because, well, he’s smart and figured she wouldn’t have responded given how their last interaction went. Ah yes, the one with Cristina in a white dress and Burke fleeing the state. As he put it, the follow-up to that is “delicate.” He offered to show her around, but she had to make a phone call. “Tell Meredith I say hello,” he said with a wink. Ugh, this gave me chills. He really did know her, didn’t he?

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