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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Thriller'

Things at Sloan Grey Memorial get progressively spookier on ‘Thriller’ night. Plus: Sandra Oh and Smash?!

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Greys Anatomy Recap
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“Every Halloween we make a choice about what kind of costume we’re gonna wear.” Wait, Dr. Steph Edwards is doing the voiceover now? Who dat? An intern with goggly eyes? So low rent! Where’s the depressing language and existential terror? What have you and your superhero-esque all-powerful newly LASIKed peepers done with Meredith?!

Oh, there’s Mer right there, planning a party at the bachelor pad (Alex’s abode and an all-time ABC fave location for misbehaving children) for the kiddies on Halloween night. Whew.

Since it’s Halloween, I’ll run through the creeeeeeeeeeepy patients one by one as a way of illuminating what’s happening with our less spooky docs. Trick or treat, hospital-style! Here’s hoping you stumble upon bloody brains instead of a patch of clean gauze. Here we go.


This guy survived two bullet holes to the heart‚Ķbecause he has Situs Inversus, a congenital condition in which his major organs are on the opposite side of his body. And he might be a rabid… zombie! We don’t know! He ferociously bites Arizona’s new sleepover buddy, Leah Murphy, possibly because the undead can sense when it’s time to put lame scenery chewers out of their misery once and for all. (But she’s fine. No rabies. Just a cutesy heart to heart between Leah and her one friend, Arizona, about how sometimes it’s okay to be scared of contracting AIDS in a hospital. Everyone slips. )

“Say ‘trick or treat’.”


Gotta love Yang. Owen treats Cristina to a co-surgery on Backwards Man. She’s wanted to see this since med school! He knows. Happy Halloween. During their procedure, in which the inside of B.M.’s body cavity just looks like a pile of foam rollers, Owen encourages his ex to try not to over-complicate her recent miscommunications with Meredith. The lady needs some damn cupcakes, child-hater! Try not to make it about you! was the gist of it.

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