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Grey's Anatomy recap: Change Of Heart

The doctors are forced to make life-altering decisions, and Cristina learns why she lost the Harper Avery

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Greys Anatomy Recap
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Cristina’s last episodes have me on edge, because every time she makes a move, I’m over-analyzing. Did she just walk out of the hospital for the last time? Is she done being a surgeon? And no, I didn’t watch the preview for next week, which I’m sure would answer these questions, but I’d rather just hash out my feelings here with you guys. Sound good? Let’s do it!

Immediately following last week’s Harper Avery ceremony, Meredith and Owen boarded a plane back to Seattle without Cristina, who apparently had reacted to her shocking loss with four simple words: “That’s how it goes.” Meredith, on the other hand, had many, many words to say about Cristina’s loss, including that she had been robbed, that all members of the Avery family suck — even Kepner, who was an Avery by association. And don’t let me forget the moment when Meredith called the doctor who won “Dr. Nobody Sucks a Lot.” Hey, I didn’t say she was throwing around good insults, just lots and lots of them.

Back in Seattle, Derek was on his way out the door when his sister Amelia stopped by! They hadn’t talked for two months — and we hadn’t seen her since Private Practice! — but she wanted to tell him that she and James had gotten engaged. And for those of you who don’t know, James is adorable, and this is good news. Yes, he has good hair. No, it’s not as good as the Shepherd hair genes, but Amelia can help with that. Regardless, she stopped by to check out what the married-with-kids life looked like, because getting engaged did nothing but freak her out. Was she ready to handle the domestic side of life? Well, she was going to get her first taste of it right now, because Derek left her with two kids for an entire day, which was a lot to put on one person, McDreamy. You should’ve known better.

Over at casa Calzona, April was busy borrowing toothpaste and injecting her opinion into other people’s business, to which Callie’s response was very reminiscent of Bailey’s “Stop looking at my vajayjay!” Only Callie’s comment was, “Get out of my vagina.” I guess you cut right to the point after two nights of Kepner constantly talking about her marital problems. I’m betting Callie really would’ve liked to have stayed at Alex’s house, where he and Jo were implementing¬†a strictly no talking, more sex policy. And it seemed to be working — Alex was offered the private practice gig and had until the end of the day to decide.

At the hospital, difficult decisions were the theme of the day. Avery was having to evaluate the many research projects, because the foundation decided that they needed to do a little trimming. And of course, that put Derek, Callie, Meredith, Cristina, and Bailey all on the chopping block. Add that to the fact that Cristina was clearly robbed, and it was not a good week to be an Avery. But it was an even worse week to be a member of the heart family. Frankie got a crappy heart, Link was still on a heart pump, and Ivy was going into full rejection. It was a good thing Cristina — who gave some crap line about how it “was an honor just to be nominated — had returned home.

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