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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Someone that I Used to Know'

How do you solve a problem like Cristina’s sex drive? Smash something!

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Greys Anatomy RECAP
Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr., Kevin McKidd, Jessica Capshaw
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Yang has two problems: She’s fighting with Meredith, and she needs sex. Her work suffers; it’s bad for humanity if she’s not havin’ it! Luckily, Intern Shane (Dr. Smashané) is there to cure one of those problems and exacerbate the other. Hey, 50 percent ain’t all that bad. It’s the score Zola would get on a poultry pop quiz that asked her to point to both a chicken and a turkey. And we all know Zola is very bright.

Look, it’s absurd that Yang and her intern are hooking up. Yes. But… I mean, what’s really at stake here? Sandra Oh’s leaving soon; the show’s gotta be almost over. Yang could do a lot worse than Smash from Friday Night Lights is all I’m saying. Owen’s moved on. She’s gotta sleep with somebody. Do you expect her to SLEEP in the on-call room? That’s crazy! It’s like you don’t even understand how a hospital works.

Yang and Intern Shane (is it that annoying if I keep calling him Dr. Smashané because he’s that sassy? yes) are still waiting for Meredith’s new magical printing machine to conjure up a new vascular graft for their infant patient. They wait. And wait. The machine effs it up. And they wait again. Meredith doesn’t want to wait. She has research to do; she doesn’t have time for some crappy patient!

Frustrated with her current frenemy, Yang brings Mer to the baby. “That’s Nathan. That’s a real baby,” she informs the mother of two. And Meredith freaks out. “Have you lost your mind? Do you think every time I see a baby I’m gonna start lactating and lose my ability to research?” Whoa, dude. Calm down. Mer is obviously still hung up on Cristina’s non-embracement of her motherhood. But this is a living, hopefully still breathing patient at the hospital. Didn’t Dr. Grey used to know the difference?

Intern Shane overhears Alex encouraging Cristina to “get your ya-ya’s out and leave me alone,” so he strikes while the opportunity is hot/still on Grey’s Anatomy. “If you ever need me…. ya-ya…. extraction…. you know….” Nice. Good one, Shane. Smooth.

NEXT: But he’s got her back in the non-sexual sense, too