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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'I Saw Her Standing There'

In a mixed night, the Grey’s doctors grappled with over-sized testicles, old people, and a whole lotta sexytime

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Greys Anatomy
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Although she didn’t have much of a storyline on last night’s episode, Bailey was popping off with some of the best lines of the hour, titled “I Saw Her Standing There.” It might be a weird place to start a recap of the evening’s festivities, but I was rather delighted by Bailey’s funny lines, and — as we saw — she was, too. So let’s get into them.

The whole string of great zingers began when Bailey was in on a surgery that found her, Avery, Avery’s visiting mother Catherine (the ever-glorious Debbie Allen!), and Webber working on a patient with huge, basketball-sized testicles. They needed to be reduced. Turns out that Bailey had taken the surgery from Kepner, who asked her to step in mostly because the recently sexed farm girl didn’t want to be around Avery, Catherine, and big testicles all at the same time.

To explain, Bailey delivered her first, ball-tastically great line: “So nuts to her!” she said of Kepner. The joke provoked the other doctors to groan a bit, and that’s when the assassin Bailey delivered yet another gut-busting line: “I spend most of my day in the bowel — doesn’t mean I don’t laugh or fart!” And later, that surgery fed into a comment she made to Webber, after a little showdown with Avery, over Catherine. “I was just thinking that all of that over there took some pretty big balls,” Bailey intoned after watching the man-vs.-man infraction go down.

It was such great humor from a character who is typically pretty militant and crazy. Last week she was serving up hilarious lines and scenes, too — remember when she was maniacally cleaning that microwave and talking about how it was a “horror movie”? I will say, however, that despite how funny Bailey has been of late, her storylines have definitely been lacking. She hasn’t been involved in anything too great, and last night, it mostly seemed like she was bouncing around in the various orbits of other people. But after thinking about that a bit, I guess the truth is that not every doctor on this over-populated show can have big, juicy storylines every single week.

That’s certainly the case, too, because I feel like Owen’s storyline was so lackluster tonight, too. He didn’t have much to do except borrow a tie from Webber, have a drink with a sulking Callie, talk Derek through his issues, and pine a bit over Cristina before taking residence in Derek’s trailer. I realized, though, that Kevin McKidd was the director of last night’s hour, so that probably contributed to his lessened role on the show for the night. It’s hard to be in front of the camera when you’re behind it, too. Kudos to him to a rather well-directed episode.

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