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Grey's Anatomy recap: All Of A Sudden

All of the core couples reach crucial crossroads as a storm brews in Seattle

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Greys Anatomy Readiness Is All Recap
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There were so many season 2 throwbacks in tonight’s episode, I couldn’t even handle it: The potentially explosive OR, the original interns banding together to cover something up, infidelity and someone going into labor in less-than-comfortable circumstances. But the first half of season 9’s finale swapped a prom for an impending storm that was sure to turn everything upside down — hopefully not literally, though nothing would surprise me at this point.

Let’s start with Meredith’s voiceover, which adequately described what life has been like for these characters for the past nine years: “They hit you out of nowhere. We rarely get to see the catastrophe coming, no matter how well we try to prepare for it.” It was so true, and yet it still had me shaking in my rain boots (It’s May showers, y’all!), which Alex could have used as he stormed over — see what I did there? — to Jason’s house after putting some ice on Jo’s eye and tucking her in. But what he found when he got to Jason’s wasn’t the angry, riled up version of Chest Peckwell that he was expecting.

Throughout the course of the episode, we learned that Mr. Peckwell — I love that they won’t stop calling him that — “looked like someone super messed him up,” as Brooks put it. Asking Derek for his help, Alex brought Jason into the hospital with a brain bleed and begged Derek not to let him die, which prompted an intervention. Meredith and Cristina were no strangers to these controversial situations, but this time, they were no longer interns and there were no LVAD wires, thank goodness. But when Meredith and Cristina confronted Alex about beating Jason to a pulp, he quickly let them know that he found Jason like that. Cue Jo walking into the hospital and admitting that she was the cause behind Jason’s brain bleed. I knew the girl was scrappy, but is it bad to say that I was impressed? Hey, he did hit her back at one point.

Here’s how Jo claimed it went down: She and Jason were arguing when he “grabbed her” in a way that she had been grabbed before and promised herself she would never let happen again — more insight into Jo’s horrible past? — and she freaked out on him. But his brain bleed was caused when he fell back and hit his head on the fireplace. When she left him, he was still conscious and screaming. So what came next? Well, Derek and Brooks had to do their best to save his life. Stay tuned …

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