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Grey's Anatomy recap: Just Like Magic

A fresh face catches Arizona’s attention, Bailey can’t let go of what happened, and Jo’s new relationship hits a breaking point

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Greys Anatomy Recap
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If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy and genuinely hate spoilers — and yet are reading this recap — I’m giving you fair warning: STOP READING NOW! Because this week’s episode had a big twist that I’m going to talk about a lot. One of the doctors made a big mistake. Big. Huge. No Pretty Woman fans? Okay, we’ll move on.

Let’s start with the theme of the episode — drumroll, please — the theme was… magic! Does it exist? In what way does it exist? And so on. Kicking things off with a very in-your-face portrayal of magic, the ER took in a magician’s assistant who had been sawed in half by a chainsaw. If we’re being real here, the trick was called saw the lady in half. Unfortunately for this lady, her husband took things a little too literally. But what happened when the trap door didn’t work and the magician couldn’t hear the safety word over the sound of the chainsaw, well, that was graphic and not the least bit magical.

Away from all the squirting blood and exposed intestines, Arizona had a run-in with a new doctor, played by Hilarie Burton (who’s romantically involved with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a.k.a. Denny Duquette!). Burton’s character, Lauren Boswell, was a craniofacial specialist that Jackson flew in to help with a baby whose brain was growing outside of its head. Talk about a rough welcome to the world. But in the opposite of a “rough welcome,” the very pretty Dr. Boswell ran into our blue-eyed Dr. Robbins at the coffee cart, where she didn’t waste any time. Boswell is not one to shy away from flirting, and Arizona didn’t exactly seem to mind. I think she wanted to mind, but you can’t blame a girl for looking twice.

Locked away in her genome lab, Bailey was also looking twice, but she was looking into her MRSA diagnosis… over and over and over again. Bailey had Richard take her patients while she swabbed her hand and tested herself enough times to fill up an entire counter with her petri dishes. All the tests came back negative, but that didn’t get Bailey to unlock the door. And neither did Callie’s incessant attempts to get her to so much as turn around and talk to her. Convinced that Bailey was mad at the entire council for calling the CDC, Callie rallied everyone to stand outside the doors of the genome lab and talk to Bailey. And when that failed, they caught her on a bathroom break. But despite Derek making fun of himself for his woods-loving alcoholic tendencies when he’s mad, Bailey wasn’t in the mood to chat. Not to anyone. And if the Nazi isn’t even in the mood to tell you off, you know you’re in trouble.

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