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Grey's Anatomy recap: Follow Your Intuition

The doctors are forced to trust themselves after a tanker accident leads to complicated surgeries

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Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr., Kevin McKidd, Jessica Capshaw
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Mr. Tanner Stransky is out this week, so, in theme’s with tonight’s episode, I’m trusting my gut and taking over his recap! Let’s jump right in, because this episode started in a really sexy way…

It wasn’t until I saw Meredith and Derek making out that I realized how little we get to see them make out anymore. Is it weird that I miss that? There’s no way any of you can tell me that you don’t miss their steamy scenes (think season 2 finale at the prom). But that’s beside the point, because McDreamy and his Mrs. are married now, which means that being parents trumps all — even sex. And when Meredith’s mother’s intuition told her that Zola was awake, even though they hadn’t heard anything yet, Derek knew she was right. And she was. Sorry morning sex, but you are going to have to wait another week.

However, a mother’s intuition was not getting in the way of the show’s other happy couples. While Callie rehearsed for her TED conference speech about cartilage — we all know speeches are not Callie’s forté — Arizona distracted her with a little lovin’. And then there was the childless (and therefore intuitionless) duo of Owen and Cristina, who actually went through with their morning sex. Oh, to be divorced and back in love.

Down the hall, Jo and Jason (Chest Peckswell) were attempting to start their morning off the right way when Alex pulled Jo away from sucking face to help with an incoming emergency. The big news of the day: There was a tanker accident on the highway! And Grey’s fans always know what to expect in a crisis: Owen barking orders, at least one patient not taking things seriously enough, and a physically unharmed, emotionally traumatized child. And this crisis was no different. Owen took control of his smooth-running ER, while Bailey and Richard dealt with a patient who really wanted a cigarette, despite the fact that he was covered in gasoline. It was a tanker accident, remember?

And, of course, when the patient stepped outside to sneak a smoke, the tanker finally exploded. It was far enough away not to harm anyone inside the hospital, but smoky smokerson lit up like a candle, or as Callie put it, “baked Alaska.” And that only leaves the child who wanders aimlessly looking scared. In this case, his name was Ethan, and surprisingly, Owen was the one to take Ethan under his wing. Was it because they were both gingers? I don’t think it hurt the kid’s chances.

Oh, I forgot a key element of any Grey’s crisis situation — the hero, who in this case was April’s new beau, the abstinent and now heroic Matthew. When the tanker blew, Matthew shielded a patient with his own body, burning his entire right backside. The worst part? Jackson had to be the one who treated the burns. Awkward.

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