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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Transplant Wasteland'

After weeks of uncertainty, Seattle Grace sees a final bit of chaos before being rechristened in honor of two fallen doctors

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Greys Anatomy Recap

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Seattle Grace was a chaotic place under new — and in a way, old? — leadership. That was the main takeaway from last night’s new episode, “Transplant Wasteland,” which saw the fruits of what happened the last time we checked in with our favorite doctor crew in Seattle: Jackson Avery was at the helm of the hospital starting last night.

The whole transition to new leadership, new owners, the Harper-Avery Foundation now backing Seattle Grace, was something like a transition, as — like clockwork — the ever-reliable Meredith Grey told us at the top of the hour.”To a critically ill patient, an organ transplant means a new start, a second chance,” she intoned with her usual seriousness. “But the body is designed to fight off any invader, even if it’s trying to save it. Because a transplant doesn’t guarantee that it’s an easier life. There’s a threat that the body will reject the organ outright.”

And that’s what seemed to be happening at first, especially when it came to Jackson being in charge of the goings-on at Seattle Grace. Former chief Richard Webber immediately expressed his concern about the Jackson situation to none other than the young man’s mother, Catherine Avery (the divine Debbie Allen, who continued her genius run on the soap last night). “What on earth makes you think that young man is ready to take on this kind of responsibility?” he asked Catherine, who responded without hesitation. “He’s my son, I know what he’s capable of!” And this was the line from Webber that I loved most: “Now he’s my boss, and my girlfriend” — referring to Catherine, of course — “is my boss’ boss. What could possibly go wrong?” Catherine didn’t take well to Webber’s suggestions about the situation and delivered a zinger of her own to him. “There’s only one room in which I take orders from my boyfriend,” she said, referring to the boudoir. “This is not it.” Love this lady!

But even though his mother had full faith in him, Avery was hitting resistance in his new position as the hospital’s administrator. The first battle he fought was with the cabal of doctors who now own part of the hospital — Shepherd, Meredith, Yang, Arizona, and Callie — over the Harper-Avery Foundation’s desire to install new leadership, thus ridding themselves of Owen Hunt. “The thought is that new leadership would be good for morale,” he told the doctors, who were simply aghast. Cristina immediately committed herself to putting a stop to the situation: “This thing with Owen is not happening.”

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