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Grey's Anatomy recap: The Blind Leading the Blind

Pegasus goes head-to-head with the attendings of Seattle Grace to see who can buy the hospital first

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Greys Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy

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As we wait to find out who is taking over Seattle Grace, I’m once again taking over Tanner Stransky’s Grey’s Anatomy recap! Let’s hope I’m better received than Cahill was this week. No mass exodus, please. Okay, now that that’s settled, let’s dig in!

At Seattle Grace-Mercy West, negotiation was the name of the game. And as Meredith put it, you know a negotiation is successful when both parties leave the table feeling screwed. You see, negotiations are about compromise. So with that in mind, and with the upcoming sale of the hospital only three days away, Callie called a secret meeting (minus Cristina, who was busy compromising in the bedroom with Owen). Callie relayed everything she learned from last week’s roadtrip with Richard to Derek, Meredith and Arizona and tried to convince the team that they needed to pool all their money to buy Seattle Grace. And for those of you doing the math, that did include both Mark and (hopefully) Lexie’s shares. Tensions immediately ran high. Callie fought hard in the battle of bankruptcy vs. robot doctors, but Arizona was more interested in saving Mark’s share of the money for Sophia and “preparing for disasters that may never happen,” as Callie put it.

But when the debate woke up a sleeping Zola — and made me dizzy with a spinning camera — it was Arizona who took things too far. After Derek supported Callie’s plan to pool all the money and buy the hospital, Arizona hit him where it hurt: his ego and his guilt. She called McDreamy out on feeling guilty about the lawsuit now that his hand was fine and he was back to operating. She called him “egomaniacal” and told him everything he did to help only hurt. Did you ever think you’d see the day that Arizona make McDreamy tear up? Me neither.

And poor McDreamy didn’t get any time to recover. The next day he showed up at work, he realized that agreeing to be the face of the hospital meant a lot more than being on a brochure or two. Ridiculously large posters of Derek’s pretty smile and even prettier hair covered what seemed like every other wall of the hospital (and what’s the problem with that?). As Richard put it, “No offense, Derek. It’s a great face, but this is a lot of it.” And Shane even added, “Your head is gigantic.” Derek hated it. You know who would’ve been perfect for that role? Mark Sloan. Sigh.

Derek tried arguing his way out of literally (not metaphorically) being the face of the hospital, but Cahill assured him that he would get used to it. Or there’s always the other option: instruct intern Shane to go around the hospital vandalizing the posters with fangs, horns and the like. Was it just me or did Derek still look attractive even without a few of his pearly whites?

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