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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Bad Blood'

Cameras monitor the doctors’ every move and the ER shuts down as Dr. Cahill preps Seattle Grace to be sold

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Greys Anatomy
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This week on Grey’s Anatomy, Big Brother invaded Seattle Grace Hospital. “We’re being spied on, Mer,” the ever-suspicious Cristina told her best friend, while looking into the lens of a video camera that was staring down at her — and monitoring her — from the top of the hospital room in which she was standing. “Who knows what lurks behind that evil eye?”

That evil eye, it was quickly explained, was just one part of Dr. Cahill’s grand plan to cut costs and improve workflow at the hospital. Very creepily, lurking behind that “evil eye” was a doctor who, through a microphone, was able to offer up solutions that would save money, time, resources, and whatever else. As Bailey explained, in her very Bailey manner: “There are doctors in the ceilings.” Huh? Let’s just let Meredith explain, as per usual.

“We’ve all heard the buzzwords — streamline, optimize, integrate, adapt,” said Meredith, in her episode-opening voiceover that came moments after the first sight of the cameras that had taken over Seattle Grace. “Everyday someone comes up with a new strategy or tool or technology to increase our efficiency. The idea is to make our lives easier. But the question is: Does it?”

The short answer from the doctors? Nope. And that’s largely what this whole episode — titled “Bad Blood” — chronicled, their “nope” on everything. Specifically, the doctors did not like the changes that Cahill had instituted: Avery complained that he didn’t know where to find the headlamps — which had been reorganized into new, more efficient locations — when he stepped in to help out with a surgery; the interns freaked that they were the next on the chopping block (“They’re gonna fire us!”); and Yang continued her hatred of the cameras that were lurking around. When the doctor behind the lens, Bob, stepped in and ordered her intern to use a different treatment than she had suggested, Yang pushed back at the voice inside the camera. “Don’t try to be a doctor, Bob,” she barked at the camera. “Just make sure my idiot interns don’t screw up. Don’t butt in!” I get what the Grey’s writers were going for with the cameras — the idea of Big Brother, sure — but it honestly came off very strange. Like, how realistic is that type of thing really? I know that science fiction often becomes reality, but this seemed more stupid than anything else.

But mind you, beyond just the cameras, Dr. Cahill’s presence was felt in various other ways last night around the hospital, too. She told the doctors she needed more efficiency during surgery transition. “Your average time between surgeries is 37 minutes,” she said to a group of gathered doctors. “With these new OR procedures, I’d like to see that cut in half.”

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