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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'The Face of Change'

The doctors break the rules to save a patient and fight back against Cahill’s plan to reinvent the hospital

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Ron Tom/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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It’s official: The suits have invaded Seattle Grace-Mercy West. (And I have invaded EW’s Grey’s Anatomy recap — Tanner Stransky is taking a week off!)

This week in “The Face of Change,” potential buyers toured the hospital, Alex took over voiceover duty from Meredith, and allegiances were formed — what do you know? — in the face of change. Also, folks banded together a lot: Couples banded together to support each other both professionally and sexually, doctors banded together to save a 10-year-old boy’s life, and the plane crash survivors banded together to save the hospital. And it was not a great time to be a doctor…and to be staying at Alex’s house. With Jackson and Stephanie “sucking face” on the couch and Owen and Cristina being the opposite of quiet upstairs, (odd couple?) Alex and Jo were left to do what any rational pair would do in their situation: howl and make giraffe (?) noises in the kitchen. As Alex so elegantly put it: “Transformation sucks.” Well said.

But new things aren’t always bad, right, Alex? Especially not if you’re just — as he said — “one drink away from monkey sex” with the hottest new intern. According to Cristina, Alex and Jo were “canines in heat.” Unfortunately, though, Alex didn’t have a lot of time to think about his new “bestie” — he was too busy posing for photos.

The explanation for Alex’s photo shoots? Cahill, who was all about creating a new brand for a new hospital. Everyone knows a brand isn’t complete until it has a face. The lucky winner? Well, because Cristina refused to have her face on anything but a brochure for the Nobel Prize, Alex and Jackson (and by default, their lady friends) duked it out. Alex and Jo brought Africa to the table, while Stephanie and Jackson focused on his charming good looks and his namesake.

But who won? Well, as it turns out, it was less about who won and more about the journey, a.k.a. the public-image assessment officer whose job it was to follow Jackson (Alex had one, too) around the hospital in a constant state of judgment and picture-taking. Welcome to Lindsay Lohan’s world, boys.

Pretty boys aside, stuff at the hospital got serious, and the plane-crash survivors weren’t exactly on a level playing field with the rest of the staff. Not surprisingly, Bailey was the one to speak up. But the only two people who also seemed to have any fight left in them were Callie and Richard. And when Callie discovered the slogan of the company that wanted to buy the hospital — Pegasus Horizons: Racing to a Brighter Tomorrow — she literally had to choke back the vomit. She and the ex-chief decided to investigate this Pegasus company for themselves. Cue the road trip!

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