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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Put Me In, Coach!'

The gang joins a hospital softball league; Cristina puts a patient before herself

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Greys Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy

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Note: Your usual Grey’s guru Tanner Stransky had a Revenge-related emergency tonight, so I’ll be filling in. But fear not! Tanner will be back in his rightful place next week.

After this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I can safely say that I’m glad the doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West decided to pursue a career in medicine and not one in athletics. In an effort to stress the importance of teamwork, Dr. Hunt signed his doctors up for a hospital softball league. He even enlisted the help of Henry who was briefly hired as Hunt’s administrative assistant solely to play for their team. Their competition would be Seattle Presbyterian — a hospital whose staff doesn’t do as many groundbreaking procedures, but also doesn’t suck at softball.

Seattle Grace’s opening-sequence practice quickly proved that their on-field competition probably wouldn’t go over so well. As Meredith and Cristina chilled out in the outfield, not even attempting to care about the practice going on around them, they discussed their ongoing problems and ultimately decided that “keeping the faith” was the best solution. It was a surprisingly optimistic conclusion from my favorite Grey’s couple.

Because the staff was busy with the impending softball game, they were spared the typical traumatic event that often plagues the hospital’s halls. But a sanitation worker sustained major injuries after he fell off the back of his garbage truck and was then run over by a car. The most significant of his wounds was the damage done to his hand. Essentially, it was beyond repair. That is until Callie learned of his wood-carving abilities. Keeping the faith, and having faith in her own “artistic” abilities, she took it upon herself to fix the unfixable. And she did. She built the guy a hand from scratch.

But he wasn’t out of the woods yet. During the surgery, he had a cardio emergency — a leftover injury from his earlier accident. Cristina, who had been busy performing a marathon angioplasty for Dr. Teddy “I Can Pitch” Altman,¬†swooped in. But instead of saving the day, she stepped back and let Kepner finish out the procedure. Wait…what? Yes, you read that right. Cristina turned down a chance to operate because Kepner had it covered.

NEXT: Cristina graduates! And Derek wants to perform another groundbreaking surgery